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Is Organic Food Really What You think It Is? - Mischa Popoff

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fjlip's Avatar Nov 2, 2010 | 09:44 2 Here goes big money again, corrupt to the core....
"Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of organic products are imported into this country on a monthly basis, from places like China, Mexico and Brazil, based solely on the word of the supplier. If you thought certified organic meant there was a surprise inspection or that the food you pay double for was field-tested to ensure prohibited substances werent used, you are mistaken.
The Clinton Administration caved in to the desires of millionaire organic activists by mentioning the need for organic testing, then passing the final organic rule only after undermining testing by saying it would not be routine practice conducted on every operation."

More here...http://www.isitorganic.ca/excerpts_from_the_book Reply With Quote
Nov 2, 2010 | 12:44 3 I always suspected that the organic industry in its present form was riven by fraudulent claims. I will likely be buying his book. Reply With Quote
Nov 4, 2010 | 14:47 4 Hard for me to bite on this one with a serious pen when you use 'Margaret-Trudeau-type' kinda bait.

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