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Genetically Modified Foods Safe To Eat?

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    Genetically Modified Foods Safe To Eat?

    The field of genetic promises a lot for better of agriculture and production of food products. It has opened new avenues in agriculture and involves the introduction of the foreign gene of desired quality into a large species of plants. This method, however, has some drawbacks, as the qualities of plants are not passed to the next generation. Moreover, when a foreign gene is introduced into a plant, there are more chances that the levels of undesired quality increase significantly. For example - when the plant is modified for higher yield, then it may reduce its immunity levels to certain diseases and hampers the growth of the plant. This may even prove fatal to the plant and make it unplantable. A nearly magical experience is possible if the qualities of genetically modified plants were enhanced leaving no space for side effects.

    There is no evidence that genetically modified plants are unhealthy or risky to eat. There is a great possibility of that genetically modified plants have side effects and must be examined case-by-case. New and innovative techniques are being developed to address the concerns such as antibiotic resistance, unintended transfer of genes, etc. Genetic engineering of plants could offer some health benefits such as – reducing the use of pesticides, enhancing the quality of food, etc.

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