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How should I care for my garden?

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    How should I care for my garden?

    Here are a few tips that can be helpful for the care of your garden:

    Water Your Flowers Regularly
    Apply Appropriate Fertilizers. You can use Ag spreader to spreading the fertilizer.
    Remove Weeds from Your Flower Garden
    Mulch Your Flowers
    Provide Your Plants with Enough Sunlight
    Prevent and Control Pests
    Prevent and Control Diseases
    Protect Your Flower Plants from Animals
    Deadhead Your Plants

    The fruits are already ripening in August. If the harvest is large, the branches may sag under its weight. It's necessary to put up stakes to avoid damage and cracking of the bark. To help the branches install Y-shaped stakes. First such stakes should be present on those branches that are most overloaded https://www.growgardener.com/best-rope-for-tree-swing/. And as the harvest progresses, they are transferred to the autumn and winter varieties of fruit. Wood will be needed to construct the stakes. Wooden boards are chipped so that the desired silhouette is obtained. It's possible to make a support from one wide board by sawing a hollow in it.
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