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crop dividers still needed on sprayers?

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    crop dividers still needed on sprayers?

    Years ago crop dividers were a decent return on investment when sprayer booms were 60’ or 90’ or 100’.

    Now that sprayer booms are 120’ wide or wider, I am wondering if they are actually worth buying.

    I find a fungicide time the crop dividers either do nothing or set the crop back and there is second growth at harvest you have to wait for to mature.

    Peas and canola tend to tear the plants out with dividers on.

    Preharvest on wheat seems to be one of the areas that crop dividers help the most on.

    Thinking of not getting crop dividers on my next sprayer. Just wondering if anyone has gone away from using crop dividers and regretted it?

    Wouldn’t be without crop dividers, unless you’re planning on a lot more aerial applications.


      Crop dividers help I would say provides 15-30% less trample in cereals., let's say it reduces trample .5% on 2000acres say 60bushel avg. 120000bus x 0.005 = 600 bushels saved so should come close to paying for themselves after a few thousand acres. Just my guestimate.


        I have never used crop dividers. Went from 90' booms to 120' now 135'
        I do not really see any use for them in fungicide apps, as the crop comes back mostly after running it over at that stage. We do a pre-harvest spraying on Canola, now with the straight cut varieties, and I hire a plane for that because I don't like any tracks in my crop for it can make it a bit harder to straight cut. I also do pre-harvest on peas and don't think I would want dividers for that crop either because I think they would rip out plants. Mostly all of my acres sprayed for fungicide and pre-harvest are irrigation acres and I really don't see many dividers out there anymore.


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