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Wilson super B

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    Wilson super B

    Looking at an extra set of super B’s and found a used set of Wilson’s for a reasonable price. Anybody have any thoughts on these? They look ok, but I don’t like how the step to get onto the bridge to roll up the tarps leads to the sidewall of the trailer instead of up onto the bridge. Other than that, I can’t find many faults.

    I like my other sets of lodeking distinctions, but can’t justify a new set for $170,000 as an extra set to have around just in case.

    A few months wait to get a new set as well.

    I had a 2014 set. They load funny, and were heavy, my notes say:

    15.5,6,6,15.5 load pattern

    60psi on drives = 17,000kg
    65psi on bridge = 24,000kg
    72psi on pup = 17,000kg

    I think they figured out the geometry better on the newer ones in the latest few model years and can get closer to equal loading.

    Had some brake parts and air bags that were not common in my area requiring longer wait than normal for parts and repair, but that is likely a local issue.


      These were a few years newer. I can’t remember the year, but probably 2018-2019. Would they have figured out the loading by then?

      yeah dealers are pretty far away in Lethbridge and Saskatoon. I’m closer to Edmonton/lloydminster. parts may be an issue.

      maybe just stick with lodeking…but it is tempting at half the price of new.


        Ended up buying them. Will see how they go. Worst case, we flip them and get our money back…maybe make a few $.


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