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Sask crop insurance ???

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    Originally posted by the big wheel View Post
    Guys in drought area for 6 years have no coverage at all. Why arent our farm
    groups taking to task about this??? High premiums in drought area paying for
    big coverage in areas with rain????? Nothing like getting kicked in the balls by
    your gov of sask and yet paying for areas that should be able to afford more
    premium beyond stupid set up we re not automobiles and houses this is our
    enjoy your posts Case but in your area and drought area is night and day to speak
    about you can sleep with your high coverage and low premium could and would you
    with high premium and no coverage?
    No I agree , there sure should be something in it for areas experiencing multiple years through no fault of their own , it’s not perfect but the private ones sure weren’t
    a lot of the current problems were created because guys tried to “farm crop ins” although those days are long gone
    we are luckier here than most areas and I sure don’t mean to put anyone down with low coverages . I guess we are lucky we have an insurance, like Mallee says in Oz , “you sink or swim”


      Yes I know you arent trying to put anyone down, its just an issue that no one is
      talking about. parlty because the monets types etc buy it up and no one cares except the small towns that also suffer .
      And our ag minister will again be having meetings with canola growers, wheat and barley and cattlemen with Apas and the agenda will be how do we help keep family farms going??? its insane


        Big wheel we actually experienced similar in BSE and in the wet years from 2005-2013.
        The poor cattle guys just slowly got the shaft some hung on most quit on the east side of the province. The wet/flood years they came up with a too wet to seed option on crop insurance, maybe they need a too dry to seed option as well. Im only speaking about Sask.


          Crap Insurance is presently sitting with the Philadelphia lawyers. We all know what’s going on. They will make it so it doesn’t pay to “farm for the program”.

          Don’t forget it was our fault it didn’t rain in 21 and 23 according to the “Mighy Moe”.

          High leveraged farms depending on crop insurance if it doesn’t rain will soon be in trouble. Coverages will be lower due to plummeting prices and premiums increased due to droughts.


            Originally posted by the big wheel View Post
            Ha ha ha what a question to ask. If you re not concerned about sustaining farm families then you ask this question. If you are concerned then you ask how is it sustainable for a family farm through no fault of their own to subsidize those that dont need the subsidy???? The amounts that governments subsidize farms is so petty compared to oil and gas for one there should not even be a debate about having a universal dollar per
            acre guarantee.

            Is there an actual desire to keep farms going or not? Because the next 6 years could be reversed and those who have been in good weather could face foreclosure also? Is that a stable agriculture policy?

            One would have to ask are govs more concerned about their friends that own land companies purchasing land or are they concerned about sustaining farms?
            You conveniently forget to mention how the Canadian and provincial taxpayers are paying for a portion of your premium. So me as a farmer, I am not only paying 100% of my own crop insurance, i am also paying a portion of yours. So don't tell me your not getting subsidized.


              Eyeahhh sorry guys. Canadian farmers are very heavily subsidized except that we dont get DiRECTLY subsidized like they do in the EU ( but we have swiss friends and we want 0 part of their headaches) and havent got direct payments due to trade disputes like us farms do thru the farm bill of 2016 ( or 17 or 18 whenever it was). But its true. 60% of crop insurance comes from the federal govt which means it comes out of tax dollars...which means people in the cities tax dollars. People who have never visited a farm. My tax dollars... your tax dollars ( when you pay taxes) ...
              Now.. i know im gonna step on some toes here...but why does a farm get to be saved just because its been there for awhile. Small businesses dont. And farms are, for all intensive purposes, a small business.
              i know alot of shitty farmers who are absolutely destroying the local farming economy in the long term by creating unsustainable rent prices and forcing so many farm families to work off farm. Or the guys who drive the biggest and best for their 2 to 4000 acres. Smrt.
              what about the fellas who spray their crops with glyph green as grass but no worries... the mrls will blend out at the coast.
              what about wheat canola wheat canola wheat canola which .. must be what, 50% of the acres in western canada?
              We have become our own worst enemies and the best case to prove my point is the farm made natural selection of 2 striped flea beetles. We used to be roughly 50/50 cruciferous to 2 striped flea beetles less than 10 years ago. Now its about 9 to 1....for the 2 striped. Why? Because the canola seed trestment worked... but only on one species.

              Just because you were a viable business once doesnt mean you dont have to adapt or die.
              My canola covg is fantastic. But weve had 2 really really good years of yields and its lookin like next yr could be difficult with next to no snow and subsoil moisture carryover and dropping canola values with increasing fert values... So what do i do?
              plug in canoia and hope i get bailed out for my own aversion to risk? How is that fair to the rest of the farms that make smarter decisions than this?

              now..after 6 yrs of drought and depending on what crops you can grow... ill assume youve tried every crop under the sun that does better in a dry year?
              fall seeded crops that utilize winter moisture better? Camelina? Ultra early seeded crops?
              Absolute 0 till with broadcast cover crops incrop
              .. cover crops? Intercrops?

              I dont know your situation and it certainly sounds like it blows chunks.
              . Drought is the devil and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. But we cant pretend that we arent incredibly subsidized...
              Crop insurance
              Does anyone pay carbon tax on died diesel or gas and how many of us put it in everything we own?( hint. No we do not)

              How many other small businesses are able to defer a cheque from grain hauled january 1st to the following year. ?
              1 million in capital gains exemptions.
              No gst on anything... except services... and that we get back!
              Multiple multiple writeoffs for absurd things... oilers season tickets as long as we gift them? Cmon.
              how about tax payer.. i mean govt money for upgrading grain dryers, sprayer tips ( at one point) .. r value insulation.. solar panels to lower our on farm costs... money to replace windows..doors..roofs..etc..

              Christ, if half of us were smart we would be buying a ford lightning truck ( getting a subsidy) and putting up a solar array to charge that truck * with a subsidy*.. but instead we are all tough guys and need our denalis. That way we can bitch and complain about one of the only true carbon tax costs the avg non farmer pays ( on fuel) while burning NON CARBON TAXED FUEL IN OUR DENALI.

              * clutches pearls*

              How about writing off whatever piece of equipment we buy this year as 100% ? ( last yr as well)
              The CEBA loan when grain values skyrocketed that yr and so did crop insurance covg levels ( but not really costs).
              who honestly needed that loan.
              i didnt, but we took it, who wouldnt? Youd be silly not to. Granted i spent it on 2 fuel tanks ( which were a writeoff).. and helped the local economy continue...but still.

              Farmers, if not dipshidiots, have some fantastic opportunities infront of them to afford themselves a very fine lifestyle. Some of us are just ruining it for the other guys...
              but thats capitalism i suppose.




                No our worst enemies are ones like you. you forgot to understand that all
                those programs dont pay anything useful out in the times you need them the most.
                The farms that move in from other areas with good weather bring their high averages
                and collect big when the drought hits again. Do you see a bit of a problem with that?
                the only ones that benefit from this program is when you have great weather big yields
                and then have a bad year and in that scenerio do you really need help at all? Its a total
                fkd up program and the fact that so many family farms have disappeared is a pure fact
                that it is totally not doing what the politicians lie that they say it does.
                Last edited by the big wheel; Jan 5, 2024, 08:46.


                  Would cactus be a crop we should be growing in our 6 th year of drought with no subsoil
                  moisture? but what if this is the year it rains? the cactus would die? would I be an idiot then? lmao

                  Farming the program? I agree with that one except when no body in the area grows any bushels pretty difficult to manipulate your production? But for the ones that have multiple yards based in different areas of the country how difficult would it be to start up the kenworth and drive right by the adjusters house and put loads of grain on another contract? fully subsidized money going to chineese, african, american,or city slicker investors that own the farm? And what would the method of auditing the mega farms?you would need someone assigned to each of these farms 24/7 to do a meaningful audit would you not? Therefore really these farms the crooked ones are a print your own claim for crop insurance, print your own stability check arent they? And I know the answer according to the adjuster spoken to, these larger farms simply dont get audited in any meaningful way.


                    40 years in this business and the conversation always turns to this.


                      absolutely the problem has never been addressed, why? because for what ever reason and I think we all know the reason our farm groups are either incompetent at best or corrupt. Thats not saying there arent some well intentioned people amongst them but over all seriously the amount of ass rubbing our ag ministers get from these groups while were in the middle of a disaster situation and nothing is even remotely talked about???? lmao


                        Wheel is not wrong , maybe a few posts misinterpreted but at the end of the day crop insurance does nothing much after several years of low yields due to drought or flooding . it’s great if you come off successive high yield years and you have one or two below average years . But beyond that , premiums go up and your coverage drops , like any insurance.
                        it’s obvious some on here have not had more than one or two years of below average yields in the past ten years . We are 2 well below out the past 3 years . If we have another below average year things won’t be good as you start sliding off the scale so to speak . Glad we have it no doubt , but it won’t be good if we need it again this year or next .
                        When some farms have had 3-6 years in a row of no rain …. They have a far different opinion on crop insurance as it does nothing to help those who need it the most. I think that’s the point Wheel is making and he is correct .
                        As for being subsidized, well there is two ways to look at it .
                        1. Yes the government kicks in money ….. but 75% of the time it just pays for a bunch of government employees and the balance goes into the provincial slush fund for all tax payers in a way .
                        2. The 20-25% of the time or less they actually have to pay out more than they take in , then it’s the farmers getting subsidies lol

                        so the majority of the time who is subsidizing who ????
                        Last edited by furrowtickler; Jan 5, 2024, 14:27.


                          i had a small claim in 2007 on oats , just covered premium , then i paid premium every year until 2022 , had a smallish claim that year due to very wet spring and june drounding out lots of conola , have far more paid in than i ever got out , how may i ask have i been subsidized by tax payers ?
                          Last edited by cropgrower; Jan 5, 2024, 19:49.


                            Thread was meant to be a Sask party bashing but actually turned into a very good thread on problems with crop ins
                            we still have good coverage on canola rest of crops not so much
                            we have had to drop coverage to keep it affordable
                            our plan is if we hafta use it again we will drop it after if too expensive


                              Originally posted by cropgrower View Post
                              i had a small claim on oats in 2007 on oats , just covered premium , then i paid premium every year until 2022 , had a smallish claim that year due to very wet spring and june drounding out lots of conola , have far more paid in than i ever got out , how may i ask have i been subsidized by tax payers ?
                              Not disagreeing with you at all, but from tax payers perspective, how do they get their share of premiums back? If farmers have a good crop taxpayer also still pays if a crop failure they get nothing back then either but still pay premium.


                                ummm you dont pay PST hidden GST, Income tax on your farm? And how many times it was stated here money from crop insurance fund was used in general revenues?
                                Its about the effectiveness of the program I dont mind paying higher premium after the bad years but not a double whammy of no coverage plus to get lower premium and higher coverage to anything decent you shouldnt need 8 or 9 years of bumper to just get to anything reasonable. What we contribute back to the economy far outweighs any actual trivial so called subsidies


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