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Hay West needs more money

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    Hay West needs more money

    I guess since Ukraine received over 500 million there is no money to help domestic issues.

    I asked CFA reps why they wouldn't use the truckers heading home from Ottawa. The response was "since the truckers were protesting the government it wasn't a good idea"

    So they watched trucks bobtail home.

    The most important thing for trudeau and bobblehead is to be in Europe right now. She arrogantly reminded Canada as she condescendingly answered a question from a reporter if there isn't more important domestic issues.

    We have shitty farm reps.

    BTW do you know who is coordinating haywest?

    A former farm rep with a try as a liberal candidate. It's about lining their pockets first.

    Hopefully next time it can be a Conservative running it to line his pockets. Equal opportunity and representation is important.

    In all seriousness, if you are running out of hay in this final stretch, it's either pay up or punch out time.

    No shortage of people that didn't take their feed shortage seriously enough and will pay the price for it.

    I have 2 neighbors who never had enough feed to begin with and are now on their final bales.

    Another neighbor figured he was smarter than the average bear and bought 8 tridem loads of ridiculously-cheap hay to find out it had zero feed value (3% protein 85 RFV) for 3rd-trimester cows that won't eat it and barely touch it with 5 gallons of molasses on top.


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