Solving labour problems

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Solving labour problems

Oct 19, 2001 | 06:09 1 In Nova Scotia, one of the biggest constraints to strawberry crop expansion is a perennial shortage of labour, particularly for harvest. Because of this, I have become interested in the modified plasticulture system of strawberry production. Although it has other advantages it is particularly attractive as a production system because it allows pickers to pick more easily and efficiently. I am wondering if any growers, extensionists, or researchers out there have any other innovative ideas that could ease our picking crisis? Reply With Quote
Oct 19, 2001 | 21:11 2 seems most of our solutions in Mb have been to bring in part time workers from Mexico. Hardworking, reliable and efficient.

Other unique ideas have been to approach football teams, cheerleading squads and other high school teams who need cash and enjoy group work, unskilled but trainable and work like demons for a little bit of cash for the common cause.

Not much in the way of other solutions for you, sorry. Reply With Quote