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Curly Willow

Oct 11, 2001 | 10:03 1 I am doing a study on the market for curly willow (corkscrew willow). Is there anyone out there who can give me some information about growth, harvesting, or marketing characteristics. For example, how old does the tree have to be before the willow branches can be cut off and sold? How many cuttings can you get per tree? Who is the largest buyer? What is the wholesale or retail price, and how is it sold?
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Oct 19, 2001 | 09:54 2 Curly or corkscrew willow is defined by its spiral twisting of its branches. These uniquely shaped branches are used in floral arrangements and are relative newcomers to the fresh cut floral market.
They are a fast growing tree, not demanding of soil type but requires ample moisture for best growth. You can root a small (2-inch) piece of the branch in potting soil and it will turn into a tree within a season. Two popular varieties are 'Golden Curls' and 'Scarlet Curls'.
Often older trees are killed by winter or parts of the tree will winterkill. Younger plants are less sensitive to winter injury and therefore it is a good idea to start new plants periodically. The branching habit of the tree is affected by the type of pruning you practice. Pruning can occur in late winter or early spring.
The largest market for curly willow branches are in the fresh-cut floral market, with primary buyers being wholesale florists or retail florists. Reply With Quote
Jan 13, 2002 | 14:27 3 4STREE;
Do you know the Scientific name for the Curly Willow?

It would be Salix ??????????

If you would give me the naem, I may have information on that Willow Variety.

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