God Hasnít Abandoned Us

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God Hasnít Abandoned Us

Sep 18, 2001 | 11:12 1 When so much of our world has been turned up-side-down as evidenced by the recent acts of terrorism in the USA, we need to talk. We need to give expression to our feelings of helplessness. We need to examine our fears in the light of what we believe.

After the shock and disbelief, there comes an overwhelming sense of grief - for the loss of life, the senseless destruction of property, and for our loss of innocense.

Too often we are jolted by sensationalised headlines, radical conclusions, and unfounded accusations. It is hard for wisdom to hold sway when speculations runs rampant, when innocent people are labelled as enemies, and when prophecies are quoted to make people thing these are "end times".

In the midst of all these things, what is "The Word of the Lord"? How do the basic truths of our faith help us get through such upsetting events?

It does no good to call this kind of violence an act of judgement caused by God. It does no good to scapegoat any particular religious or ethnic group of people. It does no good to precipitate rumours of war, or pending war.

Our Christian faith talks about looking for understandings that can arise out of the ashes of death. Our Christian faith talks about each of us turning away from the self-centred side of our human nature, to discover the spirit of compassion within. Our Christian faith speaks of our being made after the image of a merciful and gracious God.

Without a doubt, terrible violence does fester in our world. We can and must condemn these evil acts. But we must also discern how we can respond with Christ-like understandings - for the sake of all Godís children.

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