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lack of faith

Aug 27, 2001 | 21:11 1 I would suggest that the lack of postings in this forum indicates a lack of faith within the remaining agricultural community. It could also be that farmers are so busy trying to eke out a living that the spiritual aspect in their lives is taking a backseat to every thing else. That aside, I do enjoy your column in a certain farm paper.
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Aug 28, 2001 | 13:18 2 I always appreciate feed-back, but don't bellieve lack of feed-back to spiritual columns indicates lack of faith. The intention isn't to convince people of something, but to help them call forth their own insights and stories - which they may / may not wish to share in a public forum. Reply With Quote
Aug 28, 2001 | 23:33 3 My hope would be that you are correct in your feeling about replies. My "other" hope would be that your area here and your column give readers cause to ponder on those long rounds in the field. Reply With Quote
Aug 29, 2001 | 10:29 4 I am also very much aware of the many rural folk coping with the stress of survival - whether it be on the land, or with a livelihood related to the land. These are terribly difficult times for so many, and I keep looking for supportive ways we can let them know they are not alone ... others care very much about their struggle. Reply With Quote
Sep 8, 2001 | 19:17 5 I believe it is not a lack of faith. When it comes to the farming community, the amount of work that has to be done to keep things alive is outstanding. I believe not everyone has to be church going and religious at all times to have faith. Life now is very busy for everyone especially for the farming comunities in Southern Alberta. With the lack of moisture this year and last year, the farmers are having to work even harder on other projects to keep the family farms afloat. Yes, many still do try to take the time to go to church and to pray, however this time may not always be there. If an animal is sick on Sunday morning, which comes first to the farmer, the animal or church? Where do we draw the line? If we leave the animal and go to church and pray, will God heal the animal without our help? Or do we stay home and hope God understands, this is our life style and we have to live it, no matter what comes our way!!!

Just another thought too, how many farmers know how to work a computer? Many do I am sure, but not too many I know take the time to sit down and write out a letter or commit about anything, unless it is to complain to the Government about the way they are helping the Agriculture Community.

Anyway, Joyce, I love to hearthe stories told to me by my Mother about you and your family. I am also looking into trying to find more time to go to church myself and to read your column.
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Nov 3, 2001 | 15:54 6 We may get caught up in this world at times but we should NEVER forget what this life is all about! We are only here for one purpose....To find our way home! I may love my farm and my way of life, but my primary purpose here is to find my savior Jesus Christ!!!!
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