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Mar 22, 2009 | 13:44 31 For your sake I hope you are correct, that these are apples and oranges and they won't be mixed together.

However, I do not agree with this statement, because the money pot is from ONE SOURCE - the Federal Government. The money's paid out to support ranchers since May 2003 has been and is considered, funding to breach the gaps due to the BSE crisis.

I'd like to see this go to court. Because the evidence that it was not transmitted in the feed would come out and the industry would be able to stop the on-slaught of new prion fear-mongering that is set to get worse than ever.

I have read the new animal health act, and I have read the editorials and articles by the vets and the OIE administrators: Their traceability system is for the creation of "zones" and "compartimentalization" of areas affected by animal health issues. We live in Alberta, where BSE has been and continues to be found, where CWD has been and continues to be found. We will be made animal health zone with special regulations governing movement of our animals.

Just as with a particular elk farm in Sask. that was previously affected by CWD, the CFIA calls their premises a "terminal premises" meaning only animals set for consumption or destruction in some manner (trophy hunting), can be raised there. They have already been designated a "terminal zone". All is well and dandy, until it is your farm that is directly affected.

Once your farm is directly affected, the action of accepting the Federal BSE settlement, will mean you have no further recourse against the Federal government and its agencies. That IS how the waivers are written, that IS why the ads state "read carefully, your rights may be affected". Reply With Quote