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Rural Church Association Announcement

joedales's Avatar Jan 21, 2007 | 12:24 1 Rural Church Association Brandon Conference - Announcement

Cry of The Heart – by Joyce Sasse, Western Producer, Jan 25 / 07

“How can we find hope in the rural landscape?” Whether you live in Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Missouri or Canada, this “Cry of The Heart” is something all hold in common with people of the land, the sea and remote areas around the world.

Over the past fifteen years a network of concerned persons, known as the International Rural Church Association (IRCA), has been formed. Through the worldwide web and e-mail, grassroots people are able to exchange concerns and ideas, and develop strategies in line with their Christian values.

July 3-9 / 07 participants from this IRCA network will meet at Brandon University for their quadrennial gathering. They will come from a variety of Denominations. Some will be farmers. Some are from farm-support services. Some will be clergy. Others may be professionals who want to serve beyond the urban fringe.

While the delegates will be the primary resource people, leadership will also come from outstanding persons on the international stage. John Ikerd (Missouri) is a noted agricultural economist who speaks on the necessity of practicing sustainable farming. Roman Juriga, from the Orthodox Academy and Centre for the Application of Renewable Energy (Czech Republic), will talk about what’s happening in Europe. Daniel Tiagarajah (Sri Lanka) will lead Bible Study along with David Webber from B.C. Christine O’Reilly and Peter Bush (Ontario) will lead worship. Workshops and tours will expose people to exciting things happening in the Brandon region.

Canadians! This is your opportunity to participate in a life-changing event. It was the second IRCA gathering in 1998 in England that was pivotal in giving me hope for the rural landscape. I no longer felt like a lone voice in a vast abyss.

The Canadian Rural Church Network, hosting the gathering, invites you to visit the Conference website (www.irca-canada.org ), sign up, and invite your neighbours to do the same.

Joyce Sasse (403-627-5659)
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