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Seasons Greetings From Agri-ville.com and Farms.com

joedales's Avatar Dec 24, 2006 | 11:49 1 Have a safe and happy holidays from the team at Farms.com.

We are looking foward to working with you in the new year.

Joe Dales
Farms.com Ltd.
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Dec 24, 2006 | 13:42 2 Farms.com Acquires www.Agri-ville.com Website

Farms.com is pleased to announce the acquisition of www.agri-ville.com. Farms.com Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative agricultural and agri-food related information products and services. Agri-ville.com is a leading agriculture information website with a very active community of Western Canadian farmer and agribusiness users.

We have been impressed with Agri-ville.com and the CRCS team over the years so this is an excellent addition to the Farms.com portal website community, says Joe Dales, Vice President of Farms.com. Agri-ville.com has some terrific content and new tools that we will introduce to our website users and we plan to add improved news, commentaries and content for the Agri-ville.com website community and increase our presence on Prairie agriculture and food issues. Farms.com is now in a better position to meet the up to the minute agri news, markets, content and interactive needs of the Western Canadian farmers and agribusinesses.

We are happy that a leading internet company like Farms.com is able to advance the operation of the www.agri-ville.com website and continue to provide current information for our loyal website visitor community, says Jory Lamb, President of CRCS, the founder of the site. Agri-ville.com is a great site, it has tremendous participation but the rapid growth of our SAP field services software business does not enable us to give the site the required focus it deserves.

Farms.com Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative information products and services, with software solutions for the global agriculture and food industries. Farms.com can be accessed through its internationally recognized agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for the up to 20,000-plus agribusiness professionals and livestock and crop producers who use it each day for business services and resources. The Farms.com family includes AgCareers.com -- the leading human resources website for the agriculture and food industry; Landmarketer.com the leading agriculture real estate website and PigCHAMP, Inc. (www.pigchamp.com) -- the leading swine industry software and knowledge management company. Farms.com operates across North America with offices in Ames, Iowa; Clinton, North Carolina; Fresno, California; and London, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit www.Farms.com.


Press Release Dec 23, 2006
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