US HRS Wheat High Protein

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US HRS Wheat High Protein

Oct 20, 2006 | 10:52 1 CHICAGO (Dow Jones)--A hot, dry growing season reduced kernel size in the
2006 U.S. hard red spring wheat crop but boosted its protein content, according to a report released Thursday by the North Dakota Wheat Commission.

The crop's average protein level was 15%, up about a half a percentage point
over last year and the five-year average, the commission's 2006 Regional
Quality Report states.

The regional report covers HRS wheat grown in Minnesota, Montana, North
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Oct 20, 2006 | 11:55 2 Lee;

The HRW crop is almost as good as the Spring Wheat Crop in px.

When it comes to milling quality the US is the leader this year.

When we were in Kansas it was clear the milling market wanted stronger gluten strength for blending power... which except for CWES... we don't produce.

Falling numbers are fabulous this year south of the border... leaving us competing for simular markets with like products.

So much for the CWB monopoly. Plus... the CWB sells a good chunk of our wheat to it's Canadian Agents... who are the same "evil multinationals" that we are supposed to avoid at all costs!

None of this adds up at all... when it comes to the "single desk" fallacy... the CWB must think the farmers they are supposed to serve... are dodoes with a good shot of Drongo mixed in.

Amazing isn't it... that both Ausies and Canuks are waking up to the same issues... at the same time... a dingo's breakfast including a drink with flies !

Dingo's breakfast : a yawn, a leak and a good look round (i.e. no breakfast)

Drink with the flies : to drink alone Reply With Quote
Oct 21, 2006 | 09:36 3 Tom4cwb,

Once again you amaze me. Reply With Quote
Oct 23, 2006 | 09:48 4 Tom4cwb, where do you find all this obscure stuff? Ah, I know, when everyone else is sleeping. . . Reply With Quote
Oct 23, 2006 | 23:15 5 melvill;

The CWB has my undivided attention!

We MUST do better than we are... we are stareing a 1 in 10 year opportunity in the face.

Will share more after PRO this week. Reply With Quote