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Participant Guidelines from

Feb 3, 2001 | 09:52 1 Dear Member: is built around an online community setting.

Using the Internet, site provides an infrastructure for our members to gain real solutions to real problems from real people. This occurs through the interaction in various areas of the site between yourself and moderators, yourself and the other members of

One such area, is the Community Discussion Forums. These forums are an integral part of and we hope that you will take the opportunity to read and/or contribute to the many discussions taking place.

It is extremely important to Agri that we respect the privacy and the opinions of our members. By offering you the ability to post information, ideas and opinions using aliases we create an opportunity to participate without fear of personal attack or prosecution.

The moderators within are volunteers interested in providing their experiences and expertise to our membership. The moderators do not have the luxury to use aliases.

It is expected and appreciated that all participants in are afforded the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in an atmosphere that encourages strong debate.

At this time, so everyone concerned can get the most from these forums, we would like to review our guidelines for actively participating in them. We hope you will follow these guidelines when contributing to any areas of

Meeting Room Guidelines

Following these simple and easy guidelines will help keep the discussion/debate interesting and worthwhile for all Members.

Check the Meeting Room before posting a question; just to ensure you're not asking a question someone else already has posted.

Keep your questions and comments related to the subject

Participate! Don't be shy, answer or comment on a posting that interests you.

- Do not dominate a conversation. Allow others the ability to express their views and opinions. Revisit Agri frequently to keep up with the newest postings.

The following types of postings will NOT be tolerated in

- Remarks that personally threaten any participant, including members and moderators.
- Remarks that are slanderous or defaming in any form.
- Remarks that use profanity.

Final note:
The operators of will not act as a content censorship group. Therefore, we ask you to use your own good judgment when posting in the forums on whether your message creates an environment that encourages learning and strong debate. is for all to share, learn and grow.

Thank you for participating in Agri


Jory Lamb
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