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Jul 2, 2005 | 12:18 31 OKAY grassfarmer you have really hit a nerve this time !! I'll match you anyday for work ethic !!! I am not wasteful either, just like to drive a vehicle I am comfortable with. I agree with you about people letting vehicles run, its bad enough in the winter time much less summer.

By the way, just how do you measure work ethic ? The number of acres one farms, the number of cattle they have or the number of off farm jobs they have to keep the farm going ??? Reply With Quote
Jul 2, 2005 | 17:08 32 Emerald: I have to ask you this question? I hope I'm not offending you on this one? Okay here it is: If you are half Irish...and half Scottish...are you a cheap drunk? LOL
grassfarmer: That is kind of scary! Yea, I get sort of pissed off when I see a truck idling for any length of time...or if someone leaves the lights on! I even get upset about Christmas lights! I find them wasteful!
I wonder how these darned genetics have ever survived the oil patch, where the waste is out of this world? Reply With Quote
Jul 2, 2005 | 20:16 33 GEEZ cowman, are you insinuating that this meek, mild gal is a lush ???????
I don't drink so if I ever took up the habit I would likely be a cheap drunk because a tablespoon would likely be enough to get me tipsy !!!!
Remember, I have lived in the oil patch long enough to have seen entirely enough drunks.
I think I have the scottish stamina
( that comes in handy combined with my work ethic grassfarmer )and the irish zest for life, which does not include irish whiskey !! Reply With Quote