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going hard on faith!

Jan 24, 2005 | 14:24 1 Two years ago I lost my left leg in an industrial accident at a feed mill where I worked. Since then I have faced much depression, anger and struggles in my daily life. I have received alot of support from friends, family and my community. I have become a faithful person and without my inner strength that God has given me through bible studies and other spiritual paths, I would struggle to continue. I have learned that if I live for Jesus, there will be awesome results!
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Jan 24, 2005 | 23:17 2 maybe you are disabled on the outside but it sounds like the inner man is healthy and a threat to the enemy. John 10;10, Heb.11;6. I had to experience trouble before I would agree to a spiritual overhaul. There is nothing like serving the Lord in all the distractions and evil thats floating around. Bless you for being brave enough to talk about it. Reply With Quote
Jan 25, 2005 | 09:21 3 Our tendancy is to take life for granted until something major confronts us. Amazing how much strength we find we have been given when it is needed. Exciting to be able to share that discovery with others when they face their own time of despair. Reply With Quote
Jan 25, 2005 | 13:05 4 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble,with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Cor. 1;3-4. sw1-32-5-4 Reply With Quote
Feb 13, 2005 | 22:12 5 I am currently finding the inability to market my hay, wheat and canola for a profit to be a challenge to my faith. After losing our farm in 1987 and just returning to farming the past couple of years I am finding it a bit depressing to struggle to make end meet once again. Jehovah Jireh is our provider. I am trusting that He will come through so we can go on another year. Reply With Quote
Feb 14, 2005 | 19:45 6 The Lord has the power if you have the faith. Take a look at Phil. 4 13&19 Reply With Quote
Apr 2, 2005 | 13:51 7 I find this thread a little bit "out there"? Let me tell you something: God helps those who help themselves!
What did he tell Job? Get up off your butt and be a man!
God gives us all the things we need to succeed...it is called personal initative? He never promised you a rose garden but he sure promised you that you have the ability to suceed if you put your shoulder to the wheel!
That may not be possible in farming? The fact of the matter is farming is pretty much a dog, when it comes to success? But there is a whole big world out there just waiting for you! Ask yourself this: If what I am doing isn't working...then what can I do that will work?
Quite frankly the world is crying for people that can provide a service that they can't do or don't want to do...and they will pay you very well!
Instead of praying for God to provide some sort of miracle, so you can continue to beat a dead horse, try praying for guidance on how to succeed? It is a mystery but it works!!! Reply With Quote
Jun 29, 2005 | 21:08 8 Hey cowman,Don't get me wrong, a shoulder to the wheel is our first step, but if the wheel starts rolling back on you to kill you thats when you need Him to help. The bible is plain"for without faith it is impossible to please Him,for he who comes to God must believe that He is,and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." There are many today who wrongly assume that they will gain heaven and right standing with God by their good works. Now we are all comanded to do "good" but God wants to know the sourse of these good works--pride or a changed heart. happy farming.... Reply With Quote
Jun 29, 2005 | 21:37 9 I totally agree with the previous post. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Good works alone just doesn't cut it. Farming takes about as much faith as any occupation or profession these days. I guess the only thing I can think of that would take a bit more is to see a high standard of righteousness in our federal Liberals. How disgusted we are with the passing of Bill C-38! Reply With Quote
Jul 2, 2005 | 20:31 10 "when the foundations be distroyed, what will the righteous do?" When sodomy and buggery become "good" and righteousness becomes "evil" look out. Reply With Quote
Jul 2, 2005 | 22:24 11 Look out is right! But that is not all. It is incumbent upon all who stand for righteousness to do their part. We have already lost too much ground to the devil by our lethargy. It is time to pray for and contact our Senators as the Bill has yet to be approved by Senate. Reply With Quote
Jul 3, 2005 | 08:47 12 I try to contact the leaders several times a year. I give praise where praise is due and rebuke those that need it like paul martin, bill graham,cotler etc. Reply With Quote
Jul 3, 2005 | 09:41 13 Thank you for doing your part in contacting our elected representatives on an ongoing basis. I wish more people would do the same, especially those who stand for what's right in the sight of God. Reply With Quote
Jul 8, 2005 | 12:19 14 It is the duty of every genuine believer to take the ground-Joshua-, not give it up. The "church" generaly has been lethargic and weak so what we need to get strong is some persecution. That always thins out the weak and strengthens the resolve of the rest. Reply With Quote
Jul 8, 2005 | 12:23 15 Persecution in a number of different countries against Christians and Christianity is resulting in revival. You are so right! While none of us want to experience it, it would appear as though the Lord allows it to happen to bring renewal to His own. Reply With Quote
Jul 16, 2005 | 08:36 16 Well I wouldn't get all bent out of shape trying to persuade the government to toe the biblical line? Frankly you are wasting your time.
Why are people shocked when the government does some evil thing? Hasn't it always been like this?
Consider this: Practically all the vices that organized crime used to cater too, has actually been taken over by the government? Do you really think they have Joe Citizens best interests at heart?
Personally I don't care if the government wants to marry gays. People make their own choices and that includes the choice to choose evil? Isn't that what this life is all about?
Legislating morality never works. Reply With Quote
Jul 16, 2005 | 09:20 17 I agree. We shouldn't get bent out of shape. We should stay in shape. That is why I try to go for a 3 mile walk every morning. It is a good opportunity to pray for family and other things that the Lord brings to mind. He is the only one that can change government to come into line with His will and purpose. Reply With Quote
Jul 16, 2005 | 16:09 18 I abhor the idea of legislating rules to live by. It has never worked,but when peoples hearts are changed changes happen naturally. The present decline in Canadian morallity is from private and reprobate agendas championed by the liberals. The gay marriage issue has been driven by a group of Montreal and torronto sodomite lawyers. The next liberal issue that they will promote is criminalizing evangelicals that speak out. Reply With Quote
Jul 17, 2005 | 05:03 19 SW: You may just be very right about that! I suspect,soon, if some preacher stands up, in public, and says homosexuality is evil and wicked, he might be arrested for hate crimes. Which is not a good thing, in my opinion, because in fact he will only be quoting the bible? So what does that say for the bible? That it too is guilty of being hate literature?...and yet we believe it to be the inspired word of God! So does that mean the government can now declare God guilty of a hate crime???
The absurbity of a group of mere men telling God how he must think is mind boggling! Does the clay tell the potter how to think?
I truly believe some people are born with an inclination to be homosexual. I coached a boy in little league who was very effeminate...he ran like a girl and he threw like a girl! He grew up to become gay. I don't think he really had any option? He actually is a nice kid, very friendly, very honest. I figure, whatever he does is his own business?
We all have a road to walk in this life and decisions on how we will live. I think in the big picture God will decide what is our true nature and what is in our heart? I don't think being gay is any worse of a sin in Gods eyes than quite a few other things and I don't believe any sin is unforgivable?
We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God...but the good news is we have a redeemer that will intercede for us and make us acceptable? Jesus Christ. Reply With Quote
Jul 17, 2005 | 06:43 20 It is a blessing to know the redeemer, isn't it? A person very close to me has a number of homosexual friends. None of them know the Lord. They have done what they could to convince him that he is homosexual as well. I would say that most homosexuals have chosen to be that way. They prey on the vulnerable and try to entice them into that lifestyle. I speak from firsthand experience. They are decent people for the most part. I have befriended them in spite of my position on seeing that their sexual activity as being sinful. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner. Sometimes it is very difficult to do but it is the way of the Christian to do so. Reply With Quote
Jul 17, 2005 | 07:39 21 There are some men or boys that are "sensitive" or lack some normal levels of testrogen but that doesn't make them gay. Many however believe the big lie that they are so different they must be gay. All it takes to send them over is rejection from others or an encounter with a *****. Let me say that not all gays or *****s are sodomites. God does not condemn us for evil thoughts wheather gay or straight,it is the acting out those thoughts that is sin. We all tend to blame others for our faults. The good news is the blood of Jesus cleans us from all sin if we repent with a contrite heart. In God's sight sodomy, adultery, murder and unbelief in His grace are all the same. I refer to 1 John 1;7-9 and Rev21;8 Reply With Quote
Jul 17, 2005 | 08:37 22 Very well written. The young gentleman that I referred to in my previous post was rejected by his peers growing up in a church environment because he had some learning and social skill challenges. When we moved off the farm and out of a rural community to live in a larger city he was accepted by the gays and street people. The rejection/acceptance factor is crucial. We need to befriend those who are a bit different before they are preyed upon by others with a hidden agenda. Reply With Quote
Jul 24, 2005 | 16:14 23 I can only emagine the heart ache that you and your family must have experienced. It's bad enough that you see a family member going thru all those struggles but when fellow christians let you down it hurts even more. Rejection and selfishness wound deep. Only God's grace and mercy can pull us out, but we have to willingly let Him. Reply With Quote
Sep 16, 2005 | 13:16 24 Shalom fellows
Good discussion. Regarding gays is my comment that the government legislates against smoking because it shortens the life of a human about 5-10 years. It is done for the good of all people to give us peons a better life!! Then they turn around and "bless" a lifestyle that cuts a humans life down to 45-50 years. Where is the logic?
Regarding faith is there is only one choiceto make. To believe in Yeshua ( Jesus) is to actually obey Gods word in the whole Bible. Not just what fits and feel good. I.e rest the 7th day for all, cattle and servants and non-believers alike. Look in your calendar and count to seven and find that it is not sunday like the catholic church has changed it to be. It is one of the ten commandments so if that one does not apply why bother with any others? How can God bless a person if that person does not follow the rules to be blessed? It is not a pick and choose belief. If a person chooses to believe in Yeshua, that is Gods word in the flesh, that person believes and lives by the same Gods word, logically. And the word that became flesh is not the gospels and epistels-it is the old testament that became flesh.
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Sep 17, 2005 | 00:29 25 Shalom, Sam! Reply With Quote
Sep 17, 2005 | 13:57 26 Shabbat Shalom! Reply With Quote
Sep 17, 2005 | 16:28 27 Shabbat Shalom! I attended a men's prayer breakfast this morning that was excellent. Now it is back to the field to rake hay. Reply With Quote
Sep 17, 2005 | 23:20 28 We went to a messianic church in Edmonton and listened to Abraham!!
Then we rested. So tomorrow is the first day of the workweek and I get to work gor myself then-well rested. We only hobby farm with 15 beef cattle so it is easy. Just enough for the kids so see where meet comes from. Fun to hear them talk about how Stewie or Tinkerbell tastes.
Anyway it's hard for a lot of people to realize that denominations mean nothing. Now and in the end there is only believers in Yeshua and non-believers in Yeshua, sheep-goats, with oil-without oil etc. Either in or out. The many manmade religions lack substance and many times are anti-Messiah. The lawlessness talked about for the endtimes is a resistance against Torah, which are the first 5 books in the OT. In the sermon on the mount in Matt 5 Yeshua explains that the law, which should have been translated- instructions, is by no means done away with as long as heaven and earth remains. Believe it or not! Reply With Quote
Sep 18, 2005 | 01:26 29 I visited a synagogue in Edmonton one time when I was in our church youth group. It was very interesting and left a lifelong impression. Reply With Quote
Sep 18, 2005 | 12:25 30 Going back to the gay lifestyle. What a lie from satan himself. That such a lifestyle stems from how God created certain humans. And to realize that there are christian churches that echoes that sentiment as well!!!
Is it possible that some people are demonized and thereby act out a gay lifestyle? Anywhich way, learnt behaviour or the result of being harassed by demons, there is freedom from such a destructive lifestyle through belief in Yeshua.
By the way was the life long impression positive or negative? Was it an orthodox or Messianic congregation?
Fencing today. Whopdido! Reply With Quote