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Banking failure

Mar 26, 2023 | 12:51 121 The Mexicans wouldn’t take Canadian money but the US was golden. Things will likely change. Reply With Quote
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  • jazz's Avatar Mar 26, 2023 | 13:58 122
    Quote Originally Posted by sumdumguy View Post
    But who will want to trade in Communist dollars? No one, US dollar is only safe trading currency.
    Bingo, we wont be trading with that new eastern bloc.

    China and US will be in a stalemate. We wont buy their stuff unless USD is used, and they wont sell their stuff unless yuan is used.

    So globalization ends.

    Hope we can find a new home for our exports. Probably US just takes it all. Fine with me. Reply With Quote
    biglentil's Avatar Mar 26, 2023 | 15:02 123 103 countries have applied to join the Brics, things are moving quickly. Usd is not required anymore in international trade, its the great unwind. The confidence in the purchasing power of the dollar is waning. The party is over the race to the exit has begun. A tsunami of USD will be hitting American shores. Price inflation is just getting started imo.

    Is it any coincidence its woke western banks failing? Now its Deutsche Bank suffering massive deposit withdrawals. This is a TBTF bank. Counter party risk is rising among banks worldwide.

    Can't make this up Fed blamed SVG's failure on too much exposure to US Treasuries.
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    Mar 27, 2023 | 10:22 124
    Quote Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
    Mexicans laugh at the Canadian dollar !

    USA dollars only for tips !
    I never take USA dollars.I take cnd and go and find best exchange from cnd to pesos.Resorts do not give good exchange but many street places offer good rates.Many people you tip live in smaller towns and do not have the same access to exchange cnd.Mexicans love Canadians they just hate our weather. Reply With Quote
    Mar 27, 2023 | 10:38 125 Some outfitters accumulate significant amounts of USD that they don't mind trading at fair rates. Reply With Quote
    Mar 27, 2023 | 11:29 126 The US Fed was highly involved… carefully overseeing SVB Before the collapse and run on SVB deposits…. Now to be taken over by First Citizens… the US Fed retaining control of some $90 Billion in SVB “assets”….

    30% more liquidity has been inserted into the US banking system… than in 2008….

    The Saudi minister that said they would not put any more money in Credit Suisse a couple of weeks ago… has resigned… supposedly for personal reasons…. Reply With Quote
    Mar 27, 2023 | 11:49 127 Details on the First Citizens Deal:

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    Mar 27, 2023 | 12:01 128 More details:

    Since the Fed closely monitored the contagion that occurred… clearly the US Fed is required to backstop all bank assets… because $Billions move in minutes now…. With phone transfers instantly stressing any banking system… Fed monitoring of small banks under $250B…. Is virtually impossible… without backstops for instant liquidity…. Of $Billions of currency.

    My observation:

    Adding $Trillions in currency to the monetary system… instant banking streamlined by the pandemic… all have created massive structural challenges to our monetary system….

    A Brave new world!

    Cheers Reply With Quote
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  • Mar 27, 2023 | 12:30 129 The OTC derivative market is over $600 Trillion….

    This monetary system … is broken….the Biden administration has Not got the practical experience…. Saying that problems are “transitory “… is refusing to admit failure… which doubles down the problems….

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again… expecting a different result….

    The monetary system is Broken!!!! Reply With Quote
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  • biglentil's Avatar Mar 30, 2023 | 09:54 131 De-dollarization is already spreading like wild fire! "There are outbreaks of peace between intense geopolitical rivals, which would have been unthinkable before.. developing countries are suddenly breaking free from the clutches of a rigged global financial system.. and a new world order is emerging at an astonishing pace." Consider these examples:

    https://slkanthan.substack.com/p/bea...e-happening-in Reply With Quote
    fjlip's Avatar Mar 30, 2023 | 17:35 132 Propaganda I am sure...

    "The Bank of Russia had been preparing for an escalation of Western sanctions since 2014 and was beefing up additional funds as a hedge against future restrictions on its foreign exchange reserves, the regulator revealed on Wednesday.

    Amid “increasing geopolitical risks” the central bank ramped up investments in assets “that cannot be blocked by unfriendly nations” and transferred part of its reserves to gold, Chinese yuan and foreign currency in cash, the regulator announced in its annual report.

    The central bank managed to stash billions of imported dollars “in volumes limited by logistics capabilities,” the report said without specifying the amount of accumulated funds. Alternative reserves in dollars and gold bars have been stockpiled in the vaults of the Bank of Russia.

    “This safety cushion was created in the form of alternative reserves – less liquid and convenient in everyday life, but more reliable in the face of a tough geopolitical scenario,” the regulator explained.

    It was impossible to abandon reserves in dollars and euros, as these currencies were used for settlements in international trade as well as in the domestic financial sector, the central bank added.

    “Therefore the structure of foreign exchange reserves needed to take into account the needs of citizens and businesses,” the regulator concluded.

    Seizing Russian assets is ‘challenging’ – EU task force headREAD MORE: Seizing Russian assets is ‘challenging’ – EU task force head
    The central bank could have “unloaded” part of this money to banks during the first wave of Western sanctions to stabilize Russia’s banking system and offset the withdrawal of dollars and euros by “panicking depositors,” the chief analyst from Ingosstrakh-Investment, Viktor Tunyov, believes.

    According to some estimates, last year almost $20 billion was withdrawn by depositors from the country’s second largest bank, VTB, alone.

    In 2022, Russia was hit by sweeping Western economic sanctions, which included measures to cut the Russian central bank off from the international financial system, while around $300 billion of the bank’s foreign reserves were frozen. Moscow has criticized the seizure of its assets, saying it constitutes theft."

    Canada has NO gold, thanks TURDO Reply With Quote
    Mar 31, 2023 | 13:27 133
    Quote Originally Posted by biglentil View Post
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    Not this year Reply With Quote
    biglentil's Avatar Apr 2, 2023 | 18:21 134 Sanctions not only backfired but are not being adhered to. Biden admin isnt respected by anyone.

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    Apr 2, 2023 | 18:54 135 WTI gapped up above $80 today on news of many OPEC+ countries cutting production.
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    Biden has mostly emptied the stratigic reserve and has to refill it at much higher prices than he sold it for.
    China made regular purchases at lower prices making no sense at all.
    So much for Strategic.

    Bootleggers always make great profits when legislators make product hard to get.
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    Apr 2, 2023 | 21:16 136
    Quote Originally Posted by caseih View Post
    Not this year
    Three quarters of this year is still remaining. Reply With Quote

  • Apr 3, 2023 | 06:21 137 Didn't Japan go looking for other energy suppliers a little while ago but was given the bum's rush. HMMMM what was that country again hmmmmm. Reply With Quote

  • Apr 3, 2023 | 07:44 138
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Cowzilla View Post
    Didn't Japan go looking for other energy suppliers a little while ago but was given the bum's rush. HMMMM what was that country again hmmmmm.
    Japan and Germany were looking to diversify their suppliers to provide more security and stability.
    Russia/Ukraine and what has to be referred to as political instability in countries adopting green/climate catastrophe policies highlights the need for secure, dependable supply.

    Canada would seem to be ideal alternative. But currently we have to be described as politicly unstable as our policies come from one person or a very small group.

    Biden, Trudeau and the Socialists Greens in Europe are handing the power back to the OPEC+ cartel. Reply With Quote
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  • Apr 3, 2023 | 09:23 139 As Canada and US destroy their oil industry, the Middle East and Russia become richer and richer and more and more powerful. So we become poorer and weaker and the oil generators become richer and more powerful. The end game is glaringly ominous. This is not good at all. Reply With Quote

  • Apr 5, 2023 | 08:59 140 https://stocks.apple.com/ASbuZAfQDQU6PcRJ8yb_MOw Reply With Quote
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