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jazz's Avatar Jan 24, 2023 | 09:00 91 So at 1mm rise every decade its not a climate crisis. Not even close.

Obama, Biden, Gore, DeCaprio, Gates and all the climate bedwetters arent worried about it with their mansions on the ocean front, so neither should we.

It should be dismissed totally from your mind and policy. A comet strike is much more likely. Reply With Quote

  • Jan 24, 2023 | 09:03 92 chuckroach doesn't understand energy !

    Another liberal Fool ! Reply With Quote
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  • Jan 24, 2023 | 09:58 93
    Quote Originally Posted by chuckChuck View Post
    Coastal flooding from sea level rise is already a reality in some parts of the world.

    But flat earthers will ignore the overwhelming evidence and in some cases die in a home made rocket trying to prove the earth is flat!

    So I am not expecting the flat earthers on Agrisilly to change their mind on sea level rise or human caused climate change anytime soon.

    Daredevil, flat-earther 'Mad Mike' Hughes dies in crash of homemade rocket in California
    Chuck, you are repeating yourself again. You really should take my advice and start some sort of a spreadsheet to keep track of what you post on what forum under what troll identity. It looks highly unprofessional when you post the same distractions and childish insults over and over again.
    If this is beyond your technical abilities, let me know and I can help you out.
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  • blackpowder's Avatar Jan 24, 2023 | 10:58 94 Although his crowd may be winning at the moment.
    He is quite adept at digging his own hole. Leave him there. Reply With Quote
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  • Jan 24, 2023 | 18:51 95 People b-itching because yesterday was the coldest Jan 23 since 1917. Snow in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale. Reply With Quote
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