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  • Nov 24, 2022 | 02:54 32 Don’t forget about the fcc employees who were directed to report on customers who supported the truckers convoy.

    Is that not a government that looks desperate and paranoid? Reply With Quote

  • jazz's Avatar Nov 24, 2022 | 09:27 33 The Liberals are clearly trying to run the clock out so sock tard wont have to testify. Reply With Quote

  • Nov 24, 2022 | 11:31 34 This thing is off the rails. When they start talking broader definitions of the "law" with no challenge by the "judge" you know the fix is in. The whole last week is explaining the broader definition.
    The EMA is not law it's a suggested starting point for the PMO.
    Just a showcase for the believers.
    All you get out of watching is more aggravation.
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  • Nov 24, 2022 | 11:36 35 Freeland drinking something out of a little bottle. Asking her counsel for advice. Rambling on about Ukraine. Running out the clock. Reply With Quote

  • jazz's Avatar Nov 24, 2022 | 12:25 36 Wonder how the media and the govt would have spun some texts from the truckers talking about bringing a tank into the protest.

    Sock tard probably gets crossed from the govt lawyers so he can get his performance in, but you can bet the defense lawyers will be tossed out or some sht before it wraps up.

    Far as I know this so called judge doesnt even rule on anything at the end. He runs off to his basement to write a report that probably comes 6 months from now. Reply With Quote
    cropgrower's Avatar Nov 24, 2022 | 12:28 37 and im shure he will get plenty help doing his report ! Reply With Quote
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  • jazz's Avatar Nov 24, 2022 | 13:20 38 Listen to Freeland drone on and on in her preschool teacher voice and coke addled head bobbing or take a dagger in the eye.

    Easy choice Reply With Quote

  • Nov 24, 2022 | 18:15 39 I’d take the dagger anytime! Reply With Quote
    Nov 24, 2022 | 21:00 40 The sooner people realize we have a dysfunctional federal government in Canada for the time being, the easier life becomes. I quit watching MSM in March and watching the EMA commission would be unhealthy for me except for watching Karma sitting in the audience taking notes with a red pen.
    There's always been room for improvement in Ottawa and this group (some with serious character flaws) too will pass, taking the unnecessary and costly excesses with them. Reply With Quote

  • blackpowder's Avatar Nov 25, 2022 | 10:49 41 Hilarious to think she believes our trading partners looking at us as a banana republic a new thing. Reply With Quote

  • jazz's Avatar Nov 25, 2022 | 10:51 42 Shocked Trudeau made it to the stand today;

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  • Nov 25, 2022 | 10:53 43 She was upset people see us as a banana republic. She thought she could fix that by seizing citizens bank accounts?
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  • Nov 25, 2022 | 17:45 44 It appears PMJT managed to create even more polarization with his testimony today.
    Canada's leader playing to his base.

    He sees things differently when it comes the interpretation of law.

    The police gave him a documented plan on how to deal with the situation the day before he enacted the EMA but he never read it.
    It wouldn't work any better than what they were doing?

    This is the guy that says the economy will fix itself.

    Can't really hold him responsible. He's a part time Drama teacher. Reply With Quote
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  • jazz's Avatar Nov 25, 2022 | 18:01 45
    Quote Originally Posted by shtferbrains View Post
    He sees things differently when it comes the interpretation of law.
    Actually this is an awesome outcome. If he can interpret laws as he sees fit, then so can the provinces.

    Just loosening the strings on confederation even more. Reply With Quote

  • ajl
    Nov 25, 2022 | 18:46 46 This inquiry and the lieberals attempts to obfuscate it, makes the Freedom Convoy go down as one of the greatest events in Canadian history. All convoy participants should be proud of their contribution. A huge THANK YOU to men and women of the Freedom Convoy! Reply With Quote

  • Nov 25, 2022 | 21:25 47 He actually denied that he called the unvaxxed names. With a straight face. Reply With Quote

  • cropgrower's Avatar Nov 25, 2022 | 22:19 48 Name:  E70B2B1C-DE18-4803-991D-C2F515B16E03.jpg
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Size:  12.5 KB. CTV news. ottawa poll , 77% say emergency act was not necesary Reply With Quote

  • Nov 25, 2022 | 22:53 49 I hope that judge ain't blind ! Reply With Quote
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  • Nov 25, 2022 | 23:03 50 Funny. Same amount as the popular vote in last two elections. Reply With Quote
    jazz's Avatar Nov 26, 2022 | 07:58 51 These last 2 events; Brian Peckfords rejection at the SCC and the EMA clown show have laid bare the dysfunction in the county. Many will cheer for it as some sort of win that our freedoms were trampled. Thats what the marxist element does and we have a big one in this country.

    But our fight isnt down east. We cant vote this out and the media will make sure PP doesnt get elected.

    Our fight lies with Smith and Moe (and hopefully Mb) working to carve us out of this banana republic both culturally and definitely economically. Reply With Quote

  • cropgrower's Avatar Nov 26, 2022 | 08:35 52 Name:  E4194D68-19B2-4E12-9E58-1ECE7116CD69.jpg
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Size:  11.8 KB. 78% of now over 15,000 say no Reply With Quote
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  • Nov 26, 2022 | 12:49 53
    Quote Originally Posted by ajl View Post
    This inquiry and the lieberals attempts to obfuscate it, makes the Freedom Convoy go down as one of the greatest events in Canadian history. All convoy participants should be proud of their contribution. A huge THANK YOU to men and women of the Freedom Convoy!
    10 - 4 Good Buddies.

    There’s no like button on my screen. Reply With Quote
    Nov 26, 2022 | 13:32 54 In about a week, the Alberta government will introduce the "Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act" that hopes to create a constitutional shield from Ottawa. Under the constitution, the federal and provincial governments are considered equal when it comes to their exclusive jurisdictions. Reply With Quote
    Nov 26, 2022 | 14:13 55 Will it get them around environment permits and any other permits that the feds can dream up? Reply With Quote
    Nov 27, 2022 | 08:44 56 opinion
    Don’t bet on the Emergencies Act inquiry hurting Trudeau
    Lawrence Martin

    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published November 23, 2022

    The inquiry into whether Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was justifiable has a rather peculiar look.

    Inquiries normally investigate something that went wrong. Not this one. This one is probing an action that worked, that went off with few hitches, that was met, for the most part, with public acceptance.

    The issue of whether the Prime Minister had the right to go so far is a big deal with anti-vaxxers and constitutional scholars and, naturally, the Conservative opposition.

    But the Canadian public? Around the proverbial water-cooler I haven’t heard anyone obsessing over the question. Most just wanted the occupation to end and most are glad it did and I doubt Mr. Trudeau is shaking in his shoes over how the inquiry report comes down. The sword of Damocles is not about to fall.

    Given the testimony, we shouldn’t expect conclusions from Justice Paul Rouleau to be cut and dried. He will be dealing with a lot of grey area legal detail, splitting hairs on this clause and that. What the public is more interested in is justice being meted out to the perpetrators of the occupation and the fumbling response to it of different levels of law enforcement and government, Mr. Trudeau’s politburo included.

    The PM’s case has been helped along by the testimony of David Vigneault, the head of our spy service. He first advised the government there was not enough of a threat to justify the use of the act. But then – and how convenient for the PM – he took a mulligan. He invoked a broader definition of what constitutes a threat and gave Mr. Trudeau the green light.

    The Emergencies Act inflicted abuses, such as the freezing of people’s bank accounts. But for all the things that anger Canadians about Mr. Trudeau, his getting tough on the Ottawa occupiers does not rank highly, as opinion polls indicate, among them.

    The PM is more often criticized for being overly apologetic than overly authoritative. Particularly inexcusable on the latter has been his overcentralizing of power in the Prime Minister’s Office. That’s something previous prime ministers have done as well but that he was supposed to check and didn’t.

    On his using the act, also working in Mr. Trudeau’s favour is the climate of the times. The zeitgeist hardly tilts toward civil liberties. The extremism that has gripped the United States, the level of chaos and violence brought on by the rise of fringe groups and their empowerment via social media, has broadened the public appetite for order and regulation.

    By comparison to the work of the very stable genius at the White House – Donald Trump’s attempt to shutter democracy, his helping trigger the Jan. 6 mob attack on the Capitol – Mr. Trudeau’s handiwork looks tame. He’s lucky in that he has often benefited from having the mad king as a foil.

    The midterm elections in the U.S., with their surprisingly good results for the Democrats, brought a ray of hope that perhaps a return to political sanity is being made in the once great republic. Far-right populism may be losing ground.

    It’s something that Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who has been criticized for aligning too closely with the convoy brigade, should bear in mind. Appeals to radical elements paid off for him in winning the leadership of his party. But P.P. is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks it will win the hearts and minds of the broader sweep of Canadians who have never been strongly ideological or hyperpartisan and are certainly not in these times, having borne witness to the ravages such extremes inflict.

    In a recent outpouring, Mr. Poilievre went so far as to say that “everything is broken in this country,” blaming Mr. Trudeau for it all, even the drug problem in British Columbia. There was no mention of the brutal track record of the Conservative Leader’s hard right populist brand of politics in the U.S. or in Brexit-plagued Britain.

    Like Mr. Trump, he makes any excesses of Mr. Trudeau look milder than they might. Canadians don’t want flame throwers. The times are too angry. They want calm and order, fairness and compromise, these being hallmarks of our character.

    If Mr. Trudeau is found to have overstepped the bounds with the Emergencies Act, it likely won’t hurt him. The people will give him pass, the consensus being that something had to be done to finally end the occupation and deploying the tough measure was a fair price to pay. Reply With Quote
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  • jazz's Avatar Nov 27, 2022 | 08:56 57 You are a good little marxist chuck, now run along, Klaus is calling. Reply With Quote

  • Nov 27, 2022 | 09:11 58 How could lying under oath be a problem? Reply With Quote
    Nov 27, 2022 | 09:39 59 Yes Chuck trudeau wont suffer after this inquiry just like he didn't suffer after interfering with the judicial system in the s.n.c. scandal. What's your point? Your enjoying a primeinister over riding the law and implementing action based on hypothetical cirumstance with actions based on opinion and then making a heart throb word salad justifying himself. You didn't watch every minute of the inquiry did you? Reply With Quote

  • jazz's Avatar Nov 27, 2022 | 09:45 60
    Quote Originally Posted by TSIPP View Post
    How could lying under oath be a problem?
    Its an inquiry, not a court, so people can do whatever they want in there. No repercussions.

    But chuck is right. I see the media working overtime to spin this for Trudeau. The report is due in Feb, there will be a lot more spin for him then and I imagine a spring election. Reply With Quote