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Foot and Mouth Disease.

Landdownunder's Avatar Aug 4, 2022 | 10:23 1 Bit of turmoil in livestock sector here.

Lamb Beef Pork prices probably down almost 20% on a perceived threat from high of say six months ago.

Prices were easing but the scare has accentuated the fall.

Now affecting feedlots as well pulled back buying a little.

Media not helping one little bit, headline was found in our local airport direct flight from China and some one tried to sneak dried meat in. Was stopped in its tracks.

But headline was foot and mouth found at Adelaide airport. The vetinary community was outraged , the said FMD was 100% NON VIABLE but boy did it put a scare through consumers. There has since been a retraction my media outlets.

Main source of possible infection from Indonesia were FMD was rampant but a huge vaccination programme hopefully slowed the spread. But tourist coming home the issue.

Govt softly softly don’t want to hurt tourist industry of Indonesia to bad for farmers if a mass slaughter had to happen.

But last 8 to 10 days seemingly calmed down .

You guys have it there or your cold climate isn’t perfect for FMD to spread?

And final comment wow vegans and PETA are lapping up the bad news.

So all commodities here grinding lower meat grain and wool, wool probably a affected by macro economic issues as well as supply demand.

White meat chicken is booming.

And majority of OZ having average or better year in grain growing regions.

Had a chance to add to foward sales of grain about 3 weeks ago chose not to though it would bounce higher, got that 100% wrong. Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 4, 2022 | 11:23 2 FMD would be a nightmare.
    They have a good vaccine for it but then your animals test positive as carriers.
    It's basicly used as a non tariff barrier much as CWD was.
    Media plays it up as it is easy clicks on a story they can write like a digest of old bullshit.

    Good luck on that.
    Hope for all of us it blows over. Reply With Quote

  • Aug 8, 2022 | 08:14 3 Happened during my grandfathers time in the cattle biz. Didn't break as many cattlemen as did BSE but exports where not a big deal in Canada at that time. We could eat our way out of the problem. I believe it was homemade product from Europe brought in during the 50's that caused the problem. Reply With Quote
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  • Landdownunder's Avatar Aug 9, 2022 | 02:18 4 Grocery comment for you. FMD paranoia cooled. Lamb in markets up 15 to 20% today.

    Beef market has seen same jump yet Reply With Quote