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Apr 11, 2022 | 10:07 1 So... it appears that this forum might be kind of quite. I am hopefully that some sheep people still check in on it occasionally. We have finally made the decision to swap from a cow/calf farm to raising sheep, have had cows my entire life so will be starting a virtually ground zero. From what I have read I see we have a fencing issue as we only run 4 wire barb on our perimeter fences and high tensile for interior portions along with poly twine..... am I able to re space and install a few more high tensile lines to our existing fences or just roll it up and replace with field fence/page wire. I think our open front shelters will work good with sheep and we do have some enclosed buildings that we could use for lambing. What would be the ideal number of sheep to start out with?... and if possible is there anyone in the Yorkton area that raise sheep that would't mind if we stopped by to see how they are set up and likely ask a few million questions haha.

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