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Garlic peeling processing machine

Oct 22, 2021 | 21:53 1 The garlic separating peeling line is composed of a hoist, garlic splitter, hoist, picking machine, and garlic offline. It can be used with a washing machine, vegetable cutter, and dryer for the deep processing of garlic. It is suitable for garlic oil, garlic powder, and other garlic deep processing enterprises and seasoning food factories.

Applicable features:
Conveyor→Garlic Splitting→Conveyor→Selection→Garlic Peeling→Finished Product
Garlic Splitting Machine: Using food-grade organic silicon, the entire garlic head is squeezed, rubbed, and split by the gap between the upper and lower silicone rubber sheets and the centrifugal force. The garlic stems and garlic heads are blown off the machine from one side by the built-in fan, and can be recovered; the divided garlic cloves roll out from the other side of the machine.
Garlic peeling machine: The specially designed peeling principle is adopted. During the peeling process, the garlic cloves are completely free of blade or hardness friction, ensuring the integrity, freshness, and pollution-free of the processed product.

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