Test Ideas with the arrangement of a huge backyard on a farm. Test

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Ideas with the arrangement of a huge backyard on a farm.

Jul 1, 2021 | 05:22 1 What do you think can be installed in the backyard for entertainment? Reply With Quote
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  • Jul 1, 2021 | 08:25 2 get a pool and a couple of hammocks! Reply With Quote
    Jul 2, 2021 | 08:42 3 Well, a swimming pool is a really great idea, and a very costly option actually! If you want to buy a simple pool then it is ok, but if you want to construct it, it costs a lot! Besides the costs for the pool, it would be the maintenance, which also costs a lot of money! However, I would really like to get a pool, some hammocks as well, and maybe even a couple of swings for the kids. Actually, I have already bought everything to install a couple of swings. The biggest problem for me was to find some proper ropes, that would be reliable, so my kids would not fall down from the swings. I have got some swings reviewed on https://www.growgardener.com/best-rope-for-tree-swing/ https://www.growgardener.com/best-rope-for-tree-swing/ as they are having some amazing reviews in here for some amazing ropes/
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    Jul 5, 2021 | 02:56 4 I would make an artificial pond and install solar-powered fountains in it. I myself look at the https://homemakerguide.com/solar-pond-pump/ ECO-WORTHY fountain , but so far there is no time to make a pond, and there are no opportunities either. Maybe in a year or two the turn will come. Reply With Quote