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How to Increase Drying Effect of Belt Type Yam Dryer

Jun 9, 2021 | 00:19 1 How to get better drying effect of multi-layers belt type yam dryer machine? It needs three steps before drying yam with multi-layer belt yam dryer.
1. Try to select yam that is straight, uniform in thickness, and without scars.
2. Clean the dirt on the surface of yam, and peel yam.
3. Since the surface of the yam is very sticky, it must be cleaned again after being peeled, and then be sliced manually or use our yam slicer to slice yam.
The multi-layer belt yam dryer is an energy-saving dryer. The yam is evenly spread on the conveyor, and then the yam will be turned from top to bottom in an S shape mesh belt with 1-7 layers.Sliced yam will be heated with heat made from heat resource layer by layer from bottom to top in the potato dryer. After several hours of drying, the fresh yam is dried into dried yam, and the dried yam still retains its sweetness and its own nutritional value. 
The drying temperature of yam or potato dryer is generally controlled between 40°C and 70°C. The drying process of yam needs three processes: low temperature stage, warming stage and high temperature stage. Temperature control determines the drying effect of dried sliced yam.
The multi-layer belt yam dryer has the advantages of large processing output and high drying efficiency. Mayboom yam dryer machine can accurately control the temperature, time, air volume and other parameters during the drying of sliced yam, ensuring the good drying effect of sliced yam.
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