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Best way to level bumpy field

May 11, 2021 | 10:27 1 Hello. I bought an 8-acre farm, and the couple hundred feet directly behind our home to the fence line isn't really planned to be farmed per se, but really just hoping to have more of an open field (not like developed lawn, but just a grass field). Meanwhile we did do quite a bit of construction back there over the past couple years, and it's been riddled with voles and moles over the years and the entire field is just riddled with mounds and bumps and grooves from old excavator ruts, etc.

My question to this group is, is there a good way I could at least level out the land in a way that just taking a walk out in the back field won't put someone at risk of breaking an ankle? I'm not really planning to farm it or plant grass or anything, but thinking maybe I'd be better off just tilling it up with my tractor, then maybe dragging a drag harrow or maybe buy a box blade and drag a box blade after tilling? Nervous if it will all just come back with weeds if I do that, but guessing it would leave a better walking surface.

Any expertise in the group? Thanks Reply With Quote
May 13, 2021 | 03:59 2 I was leveling the lawn around the house using one of these https://homemakerguide.com/best-lawn-leveling-rake/ https://homemakerguide.com/best-lawn-leveling-rake/ . At first I thought it was all nonsense, but such a thing perfectly levels the lawn. Now we have a wonderful picnic meadow, and you can walk around the house even in the dark. Reply With Quote