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Apr 4, 2021 | 08:49 1 Think about the Stars in the Universe!

Now think about how amazing each Star is... and how astonishing the energy each Star is creating... and how much creativity was spent on each one of the Stars in the Universe.

Now consider your life... and the lives of each human that ever lived... and who lives Now.

You are more important to Jesus than any Star.

Jesus was Crucified so that each one (Human)who ever Lived... is covered by the Love of Jesus so that the place Jesus has prepared for you... for eternity... can be inherited by you in Heaven...

If you will only Believe in Jesus...

This Easter accept the Love and sacrifice Jesus made for each one of Us...

BTW... Jesus still Loves You... even if you do not accept his sacrifice... and it hurts Jesus.... if you choose Not to Believe in his Love... God gains Nothing if you reject Jesus... Your provision is already paid for!!!

Please choose Life This Easter!!!

Choose the Risen Jesus... Read the Gospel of John... see what this is all about!!!

Go on YouTube to ‘Tom4wildrose’

Then ‘Love According to John’

We did this passion play in 1992... produced by Shaw Cable back then...2hours of a message from Jesus...

So today you can see what the Love of Jesus is for You... this Easter 2021!!!

God Bless each one! Jesus is Risen Indeed!!!

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  • Apr 4, 2021 | 09:13 2 A Happy Easter to you and yours, Tom. Reply With Quote

  • Apr 4, 2021 | 10:01 3 Happy Easter Tom and everyone

    The beauty of the stars and earth is always amazing. Thank goodness most of us live where we’re able to witness this daily.

    Truly blessed here 🍀 Reply With Quote

  • Apr 5, 2021 | 19:31 4 Have you heard this piece, Tom? Dolly does a fine rendition of this Don Fransisco song.

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    Apr 5, 2021 | 19:38 5 Charlie Daniels does a powerful good job of it too -

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    Apr 7, 2021 | 11:52 6
    Quote Originally Posted by burnt View Post
    Have you heard this piece, Tom? Dolly does a fine rendition of this Don Fransisco song.

    Very Good!!

    Took me a few days to get the password working again... very tricky... persistence was needed.... It went/reset back to my original Password... and a couple of tries to let me in!!!

    Cheers! He's Alive!!! Reply With Quote