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Wow covid restrictions uk style

Jan 15, 2021 | 18:09 1 Double checked this before i type.

Think its true.

In Britain, it’s now become a requirement in many workplaces, the BBC among them, for employees to wear “proximity devices” around their necks when they are on the premises. Such devices buzz when two employees come within 1.5m of each other, prompting them to step back.

We have a some serious measures here but nothing like this.

Some even suggest some sort of slight tazer may be in the future.

If you guys find this is fake news i apologize.

But i did a “mallee fact check” Reply With Quote
Jan 15, 2021 | 18:17 2 Edit could flip it around are people that stubborn they cant keep simple distancing measures.

Ps not much new here in my state death toll sits at 5.

Minor measures in place such as tracing and distancing and incoming travel protocols.

Have a friend who contracted covid.
Guessing 62 doent drink or smoke.
Says he has had the flu a few times but its nothing like this.
He is over dosing on vitamin c and zinc supplements.

He is 100% sure he will be ok but painless breathing is impossible affected his lungs more than any other part of his body. Just laid up at home. Reply With Quote
fjlip's Avatar Jan 15, 2021 | 18:37 3 Heard of a dozen or so positive of "something", just a cold or regular flu...NOBODY dying. One had the runs...OMG not even a symptom!
Never a mention on ANY media how to BOOST immunity. Like they HOPE many die!

"sauerkraut, bananas, yoghurt, sourdough bread and other foods rich in “probiotic” gut bacteria or food supplements could help people avoid cases of severe and long Covid"

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More to think about...http://https://www.economist.com/asi...source=twitter
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