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What is the difference?

Dec 6, 2020 | 08:16 1 Does anyone remember a legal case in Sk. of "if you had told me you had this virus, I would not have been with you to risk exposure"? It resulted in lengthy jail time and deportation.

This virus was treatable at the time, wasn't a death sentence in that you would not risk dying any earlier than your allotted time, yet the penalty for not divulging was severe, or not nearly enough.

Covid-19, will it ever be tested in this manner, and why not? Reply With Quote
Dec 6, 2020 | 08:33 2 Was that an AIDS related case? In that after drugs were developed to treat it, aka....treatable.

Which virus? Reply With Quote
Dec 6, 2020 | 08:57 3 Bill 218 Ontario to prevent lawsuits over Covid.

Yes, farma. Reply With Quote