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Nov 26, 2020 | 14:18 1 Had maybe toughest lockdown laws in the world maybe.

For what ever reason we seem just a few weeks Or months ahead innthe covid stakes was bad here a @ month ago maybe more our state h ad a bit of a outbreak

E word again being talked about.

According to experts below graph is exactly whats meant to happen.

Not getting into BS arguments no interest either way here it is

7 day average of all new cases found in Australia each day, including both locally and overseas acquired infections.

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blackpowder's Avatar Nov 26, 2020 | 14:23 2 The advantages of being an island? Reply With Quote
Nov 26, 2020 | 14:46 3 Being an island is only part of the explanation.

Once it is on the island then you have restrict its spread.

The more important part of their measures by the sounds of it is they used stricter lockdown measures and enforced them. Reply With Quote
Nov 26, 2020 | 15:59 4 No social disobedience, must have Law enforcement that is respected and supported by government and general public, where respect is the law. Reply With Quote
Nov 26, 2020 | 17:29 5 Maybe your correct rare earth.

Few angry people here and there small bussiness restaurants owners etc.

But we have rightly or wrongly had super harsh measures, and people in general used to covid restrictions, tonthe point maybe elimination is possible.

Personally no hopein my opinion as we have overseas infections coming into the quarantine hotels and every now and then escapes from there.

That is our 100% entry point incoming not community transmissions. Reply With Quote