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Herbicide Resistance

Nov 21, 2020 | 08:15 1 Herbicide resistance is rapidly becoming a serious issue in farming. What is even more serious is there are few if any answers, almost no money is being spent on alternative options and we know methods such as tillage actually encourage more weed growth and in crop are not the solution anyways.

The big crop inputs companies are spending money on germplasm and harvesting data in every possible way so don't expect a miracle new chemistry any time soon - most likely not in your lifetime.

Add to that the lobbying to remove more and more chemistries you already do have and there is the perfect storm on the horizon. How much effort is there to ensure there is sufficient lobbying to keep registration of ones that farmers do have?

The problem also isn't just herbicides, but all pesticides. Fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Farmers can choose to ignore it (what is mostly happening so far) or can at the very least start identifying this is a real problem that needs some serious attention. Reply With Quote
Dec 14, 2020 | 09:30 2 You're right. Widespread use of herbicides, fungicides, etc. can be compared to increased activity in the use of antibiotics in humans. Sooner or later, weeds and plant diseases will adapt to treatments and we need to use more and more chemicals with increasing concentration. This is not only harmful to the site itself, but also chemical compounds poison groundwater, and also poison insects. Reply With Quote