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Nov 18, 2020 | 17:06 1 Has anyone used Fyfe parts for combines like feeder chain just wondering the quality Reply With Quote
Nov 18, 2020 | 22:28 2 I haven't bought stuff there lately but have thought that they were fairly priced for the quality.

They used to sell Loewen. Not sure if that's still the case Reply With Quote
Nov 19, 2020 | 00:50 3 I sometimes buy parts from Fyfe in Edmonton. They are an A&I products distributor amongst others. Did get a pitman arm for a JD wobble box that was machined incorrectly but the replacement was fine. Saved money over JD original. Don't stock a lot of parts however I can get them most out of Regina in a couple of days. If I really want to save money and have the time I will order from the U.S. and to save even more on big orders I will pick them up at border storage. Bit of hassle with customs though. Reply With Quote
helmsdale's Avatar Dec 6, 2020 | 13:05 4 *most* of the a&I parts I've bought have worked just fine. Some guys claim a&I stands for Adapt&Improvise... I've done some of that, but I still defer to them on easy to change high wear items on the combine unless I can go OEM for less than 10% extra. Reply With Quote
Dec 11, 2020 | 09:12 5 Well, in principle, an approach to the design of equipment, which provides for the repair, restoration, replacement of spare parts, is the right approach. After all, the base is made durable and you just change the "consumables". It is much more convenient than buying a new harvester or tractor. Reply With Quote