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Grain contracts

Sep 25, 2020 | 10:30 1 So yesterday i could have lockedin 260 to 275 on farm with various buyer lowest to highestwith various spreads some flat price.

So i like the guy from company x he was in 273 , i ring company direct or grain broker say i will lock in 90 tonne atvthatprice niv/dec delivery.

You must have $ contracts with daily price as above not all target price.

I often go via broker in case i needto sell my contracton to another grower forcwhat ever reason,that to might be foriengn to you guys. Selling pre sold contracts Reply With Quote
Sep 25, 2020 | 10:54 2 The mentioned wheat i know guys 100% sold there entire crop back in april at levels $53 above yesterdays market.

In australia if those guys cant fill contractvthey will either buy grain and sell into contract, with guys that have grain warehoused at there chosen point. So contract holder still delivers at good price and seller of the grain to contract holder might get $10 above the market to fill the guys tonnage.

Same scenario different delivery point called stock swap.

Sells his entire contract for say $15 per tonne and somecdelivers into same scenario as above sort of.

Washes contract out with buyer again buyers may buy contract of himmsimliar to $15 mentioned but grain cos will do it for $5

My planned moved to utopia balcarres might be on hold to hard to sell grain darn

All the above happens wheat barle6 canola on export sales probably every day somexwere in oz.

Domestically most contracts binding non trasferable.

Seems like youbguys didnt have a transition in deregulated grain markets and you forgot to do allnthe fiddly bits.

Grain cos bulk handlers/elevators farmers domestic end users all atvthe table for maybe 3 yrs nutting out best scenario before single desk was scrapped even AWB was party to the talksthey knew the gig was-up.

We had fully deregulated domestic indusrty for 6 years i think before full blown change..
No more domestic guys having to buy from AWB in those six years.

Most of us were selling “illegally” before that. Remember selling barley interstate at one stage a ABB guy come and saw me gotcwind of it that a few of us were border running. Got a stern talking tobthreats if legal action, truck driver git threatened with confiscation of truck at 5he border.

Can rememember the day well trucky shitting himself. Said he wont do it. Said load it up they wont and cant stop you im theonein trouble if ya get caught you are my contracted employee, of course we continued delivering across the border all harvest never a issue, AWB and ABB didnt get it quitecright with bully boy tactics at start of whole change scenario,

Didnt take em long to realize times we a changing.

The crap towns were gonna dissappear with no single desk , farmers gonna leave land in droves, prices 30% lower no of course happened.

The kockknockers like chuck went into overv drive to save it, one guy in particular exports his own grain overseasnow has permit. After sayingvfor years hes gonna be ruined, openly admits he was getting kickbacks to save single desk way back then. Talk about full circle. Reply With Quote
Sep 25, 2020 | 11:02 3 Absolutely right Mallee.

The only thing they did, in my opinion, was open the flood gates without checks and balances. Reply With Quote