P.M.'s mysterious disappearances explained

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P.M.'s mysterious disappearances explained

Sep 16, 2020 | 06:31 1 From the National Post:

So someone has finally discovered why their Pet Mouse has been going AWOL from time to time.

"Missing an ear and perhaps just looking for an easy meal, the mouse was recently seen by the plant’s owner, Colin Sullivan, freeloading on some marijuana leaves for two days running, both times ending up passed out." (The missing ear could provide explanation of the tone-deafness)

“For two days in a row, I've caught this little pot-head taking leaves off of my plant and eating them until he passes out"

"“So it’s been a couple of rough days for our little baked buddy here and despite a belly ache and a wicked bad case of the munchies I think he’ll make a full recovery. He’s been weaned to 1 medium leaf per day and seems to be adjusting well,” Sullivan wrote."

Sullivan reports that with some outside intervention, the Pet Mouse's intake has been reduced to a manageable degree of dependency and the subject is regaining his usual level of pilfering dysfunctionality.

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Sep 16, 2020 | 09:05 2 And here I thought maybe Sophie cut off one of his ears explaining his new hairstyle. Reply With Quote
Sep 16, 2020 | 09:28 3 Melania s been missing too.........boink boink boink.

Poor Sophie.......poor Donald. Reply With Quote