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Our season

Aug 10, 2020 | 16:45 1 Myself running average if all goes well might get to above but not bin buster.

Australia wide timely rains to magnificent rains in some areas

I’ve changed my forecast a while back suggested our total production was slightly ambitious Well I’m now in the big crops get bigger camp. Yep add more wheat barley and can9la to the world wide pot.

Livestock wise it’s WTF happened scenario wool collapsed and lamb mutton heading south rapidly. Covid19 induced both. Maybe prices were hot and correction needed from say last oct nov highs but we’ve lost 50 plus % in wool and lamb etc down by 25% from highs.

It’s demand destruction financially induced I guess but does it mean that people who were quit happy eating lamb 8 months ago at x price now can’t afford it even though it’s x minus 25% ?

And processors or packers just can’t keep going when there nowhere to send meat it seems.

What the heck are our normal overseas consumers eating Chicken I guess.

You guys got same issues with beef exports? Reply With Quote