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Animal Irony

Jul 13, 2020 | 06:59 1 Where is the humanity? Farmers are scrutinized for how they treat their animals and that’s ok because every living thing deserves a decent life. Just an aside - did you know that intensively-farmed chickens can live their lives in .8 of a square foot, and all the scrutiny in the world hasn’t changed that. Thousands of raised ducks never see water. Cool, eh? Our neighbour says he never will take his ferret out because of Covid. But ironic as h, I watch pet-lovers taking their animals out a couple of times a day on a short, short leash. Beautiful dogs who are barely allowed to look to the side because some miserable “human” tries to snap his neck. Geez, I feel sorry for city pets. When I see the life enjoyed by our farm animals, rolling in the grass, digging to catch a gopher, chasing cats and chickens. Now with Covid, a lot of people bought pets so theIr pets can stare longingly out the windows all day when their owners go back to work. The irony of it all. Reply With Quote

  • Blaithin's Avatar Jul 14, 2020 | 10:13 2 Quality over Quantity.

    That's something lots of farmers push for their livestock. Maybe largely in part because, by being around animals so often, we know even the healthiest ones can go from fine to dead in the strangest ways, very quickly. Also, we know first hand how animals live in the moment. What they care about is now, not how long.

    People don't do that though... We've made ourselves focus on quantity over quality and for the most part it's made us miserable. So if we sacrifice our quality of life just so we can potentially have more of it, why shouldn't our pets? A long life doesn't mean a good life.

    The real irony is that people who focus on their quality of life, tend to have longer lives.... Reply With Quote
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