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China railway

Jul 8, 2020 | 16:15 1 See vids of was it 800 t of goods wuhan to Kiev 9000 kms.

Might be white elephant if there’s a push back on Chinese products.

Guessing once arrives in Kiev then moves onto other parts of eu meaning the load is distributed or split up. Dunno.

This is 5he “new Silk Road “ they talk about. Reply With Quote
Jul 9, 2020 | 06:24 2 And in The so called private sector world we prefer to make a few party supporters instant millionaires with irrigation we ll have all this product and not enough terminals or rail system to move it for all farmers. The windfall lottery will be huge for a a few farmers yet its being dubbed a huge victory for all us farmers by the dimwit media who can’t relate that if there was a bigger tv network in place they’d be out of work. Lmao!!!

But I bet the focus will be to move that product while rhe dry land farmers will have even less movement.

No vision no thought out process just help for friends if the party.
In some ways just like communism isn’t it? Lmao.

Corruption has no political boundaries of ideology.

And by the way this is happenning in a place where billion dollars deficits are happenning not only left out but you ll get the bill directly taxes and indirectly by the lessened of programs for the rest of us because this will be tooted as money for the ag sector when it really is for a few friends just watch ???? Reply With Quote