Scared of Ethics Commissioner

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Scared of Ethics Commissioner

Jul 3, 2020 | 16:21 1 We is out. It appears honesty, scrutiny and transparency won - this one anyway. Reply With Quote

  • fjlip's Avatar Jul 3, 2020 | 16:49 2 The Founders, Kielburger Brothers were financiers of Trudeau's leadership campaign and the Liberal party!
    From this ROTTEN government, they got $5,197,155 in taxpayer funded contracts! And sweet Sophie is on the WE website, how important she is.
    How sweet! What a CORUPT piece of SH*T! High Treason! Reply With Quote

  • Jul 3, 2020 | 16:55 3 Oh come on now its only $900 million at stake. Reply With Quote
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  • Jul 3, 2020 | 17:21 4
    Quote Originally Posted by sumdumguy View Post
    Oh come on now its only $900 million at stake.
    That’s like couch cushion change after the spending spree of the last few months 😉 Reply With Quote
    Jul 3, 2020 | 17:24 5 He was just thinking if he helped Sophie’s friends out, they’d put in a good word during his divorce settlement proceedings Reply With Quote