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Drumstick Moringa oleifera cultivation

Apr 17, 2020 | 10:04 1 Moringa oleifera
A complete super food , rich in all essential amino acids ,vitamins and minerals has been in use since more than 2000 years in India .
It is an easy crop grown in all kinds of soils ,even in marginal soil fertility with minimum irrigation that is sufficient enough to be dispensed during critical stage of growth of moringa .
ODC - 3 moringa is a prolific yielder performing more excellent than hybrid moringa with annual pods yield of about 25000 kgs per acre .
Espaced at 2 Meter inter row and 1.5 M plant to plant spacing , nearly 1300 trees can sown in one acre .
Agronomical intervention Viz . Pre sowing Seed treatment , application of well decomposed cow manure enriched with VAM ,biofertilizer - Azospyrillum & phosphobacteria , Neem cake , T.Viride , pinching of terminal shoot in about 75 days ,pruning , pre flowering stress creation , avoidance of excess nitrogen , panchagavya spray, preventive spray for checking pest and diseases are some unique tips to harvest highest pod yield in moringa crops
Drumstick farmers who wish to grow moringa in black cotton soil must take extra care to sow seeds in raised bed of 1 foot height and 2.5 feet wide so as to prevent water logging during rainy season that is detrimental to moringa crops .
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