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Feb 21, 2020 | 20:32 1 Not sure what the strategy is here, that people will forget about all these caps in a few years when skippy is put out to pasture or to create a revolt for his progressive agenda or just to get an approval on the books before the firewall goes up. Anyway, AB is capitulating to get approval.

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Alberta has offered to bring its oil sands emissions cap into force, but says doing so will only be a priority if Ottawa approves the proposed Frontier oil sands mine.
The provincial government made the bid Friday to ensure it has done everything it can to influence the federal cabinet’s decision on the mine from Teck Resources Ltd.
Provincial Environment Minister Jason Nixon said he made the pitch to his federal counterpart, Jonathan Wilkinson, in a phone call Friday. The offer comes just days before cabinet will decide whether to approve, reject or delay a decision on the proposed mine, which would add 4.1 megatonnes annually of greenhouse gas emissions but be an economic boon for the sector.
The mine has landed the federal government in the crosshairs of proponents and opponents alike. Supporters say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision on the mine will be a key test of his commitment to Alberta and national unity, while detractors say it will be a measure of his sincerity in tackling climate change.
“We are prepared to regulate on the oil sands cap which is what the ask is,” Mr. Nixon said Friday. Alberta agreed to the cap in conjunction with Ottawa’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in 2016. While the legislature passed the bill creating the cap, the provincial government never regulated it.
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blackpowder's Avatar Feb 21, 2020 | 20:47 2 Man, I'm so old I remember when decisions were made for economic reasons. Reply With Quote

  • fjlip's Avatar Feb 21, 2020 | 21:04 3 Today if ONE dissenting voice is heard EVERYTHING stops dead in it's tracks...PUN intended!
    All manner of stupidity is respected/valued/debated for an eternity, for fear of offending someone, anyone! Reply With Quote

  • J88
    Feb 22, 2020 | 13:43 4 This target of zero emissions by 2050 sounds like a dream but when you look at China and see such a reduction in emissions with Quaratines and how the economy is reducing demand with trade shutting down Reality is setting in. The Chinese dictator said two months ago they were the greatest in the World and nothing will slow them down. I am sure if I was a fly on the wall and heard some of the private discussions happening now ,things are really in a tailspin for them. Reply With Quote