APAS election proposals

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APAS election proposals

Sep 10, 2019 | 20:09 1 Maybe somebody reads Agriville? A good start to get conversation going.
But as far as agristability goes if it doesn’t change drastically to reflect the potential a farm has to produce and it is shown in the coverage then just scrap it and use that money to provide cheaper premiums and 100% coverage through crop insurance. It would be easy for crop insurance to top up canola price due to world trade problem. Not this bullshit that accountants are required to figure out a year later. It’s bizarre. Something that is settled and done right after harvest.

A change in attitude amongst personnel at agristability would help. If there is a program to provide for loss then we are entitled to it. We don’t need to be treated like we re spending their money and we re all crooks.

Another problem not addressed is rhe interest costs input suppliers are charging farmers when bank rates are what they are. They’re making enough off of their product already. They don’t deserve and it should not be legal to charge retarted interest.

Agree a payment needed for trade loss to prices.

Agree look at ethenol etc

Agree we need credit for all we do for climate change already.

Agree look at transportation.

All nice to put on paper but let’s see apas press these issues so that some promises come out prior to voting day from all parties.

But I will say thank you apas for the start! Just gets some results otherwise??? Reply With Quote
Sep 10, 2019 | 20:11 2 make no mistake about it , everyone reads this Reply With Quote