Alberta Makes First Move

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Alberta Makes First Move

Sep 10, 2019 | 15:37 1 Constitutional challenge filed. Finally someone getting us off our knees.

Alberta launches court challenge to federal Bill C-69

FORT McMURRAY — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is launching a constitutional challenge against the federal government’s Bill C-69.
Kenney announced the challenge during a visit to Fort McMurray, where he gave a speech at the Oil Sands Trade Show.
The bill, proclaimed into law in late August, overhauls Canada’s energy regulator process for large resource projects. Changes include replacing the National Energy Board with a new regulator and changing rules for project approvals.
“This is not about jobs in Alberta, although that is critical,” Kenney said in his speech. “It’s about the rule of law, the dream of an economic union.”
After it was passed by the Senate on Aug. 29, the Alberta government pledged to launch a constitutional challenge against the bill, which the United Conservative government has dubbed the “no more pipelines act.”
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