Trudeau Pisses away $108 mill on Auto Farming.

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Trudeau Pisses away $108 mill on Auto Farming.

SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 14, 2019 | 07:16 1 They couldnt build a air drill that was decent so now they got a gift from the feds to push there Auto sprayer, seeder etc.

When will the madness stop in Ag.

The feds go out of there way to prop up ag parasites and do nothing for primary producers. Basically make guys who feed off us richer and we get the scraps.

Yes maybe some where in the world this Auto system makes sence but reality in Sask or Alberta or Manitoba in wet years etc its a ankor.

Follow the money in Canada is always easy to see who gets it.

If it was so great Deere or Case or NH would be snapping it up. Reply With Quote
Aug 14, 2019 | 07:44 2 It is a day ending in “y” so sockboy is wasting money.

Time to make him a substitute drama teacher again. Reply With Quote
Aug 14, 2019 | 08:03 3 From a government standpoint, control is your greatest desire. It is much easier to control 100 large farms than 1000 smaller ones. If you can automate farming and reduce the labour requirement it makes it much easier to develope larger and larger farms. Therefore investing in automated equipment developement from a government standpoint is a no brainer.. Reply With Quote
Aug 14, 2019 | 08:17 4 You are absolutely correct Hamloc, the government would be happy if the Hutterite's and Monette's farmed all of Western Canada easier to deal with fewer farms. Then FCC would be able to go balls deep in large farms. Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 14, 2019 | 08:29 5 FCC went deep into ILTA and are going to come out with pennies.... Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 14, 2019 | 16:43 6
    Quote Originally Posted by bucket View Post
    FCC went deep into ILTA and are going to come out with pennies....
    If that happens, FCC will get exactly what they deserve in this case. When ILTA went into business, the Special Crop industry had already been hurting for 15 years and there was very slim margin to be made. Any FCC guys check that out? Duh?

    Oh yes we know that the big guy at AGT has made the industry all look magical and easy, but he had/has a big sugar daddy in Turkey footing the bill and making it all look good for the public markets and the poor sap that owned the stock. Some on this forum criticize him for government money...I don’t know.

    But anyways we all know how the story has gone....pump the stock up to 30$ in and then take the company private at $18. I assume it went private because you can only go so long with making no money and keep the enthusiasm up that something great is happening, when it’s just a big yawn...a shell game? But what do I know.?

    FCC would never lend an ordinary farmer that kind of money relatively are not slick enough, or have New York hedge fund investors putting money in. The FCC credit guys get all excited by that and go gaga when that happens.

    No I know how FCC runs and treats the farmer....lend money...all great and friendly until something goes wrong then run for the door at the first sign of trouble and beat the farmer into the ground over it rather than working it out. Really no different than a Bay Street Banker.

    I know guys that have ran into trouble with FCC, paid them back fully, re-jigged, scrapped and struggled and are black balled for life by FCC....but let’s chase after some Vancouver/NYC business. These farmers survived and thrived and did it all without FCC.

    I know some farmers have done well with FCC...good for them...but let’s look at the a government run shop. They make incompetent loans and act like ruthless collectors when there is trouble and cause failures.

    No.....some heads should really roll at FCC over this one. Just short of $100 million? That’s a big loan loss.....But they won’t....the loans officers for this one probably has tenure or seniority haha! Or something that keeps their job safe and government pension safer.

    Looks like you guys with good FCC loans will be making up for this one.

    Maybe those loan guys are working on a new loan product for the LGBTQ farmers...yeah! Trudope would tell them to go after this and get their priorities straight.

    Sarcasm over. Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 15, 2019 | 00:07 7 There’s problems with the mandate of fcc
    They won’t back smaller farms that have equity to more than cover losses but they ve gone into these deals getting shafted over and over again

    There is a dilemma here though we need these plants running for competition and to be scattered about for cost of business. What was the cause of the downfall of this company? There needs to be some answers. Reply With Quote
    Aug 15, 2019 | 06:17 8 Big business doesn’t compete, divide up the territory, let’s all make money. Squeeze small independents. The CWB was a good idea, but no one was guarding the cookie jar.
    Same with SWP, UGG etc. It’s every man for himself. Reply With Quote
    Aug 15, 2019 | 07:05 9 I couldn't have said that better myself Crestliner, you hit the nail on the head when describing FCC. One of FCC's newest mandates is to help women enter agriculture, which is fantastic, but what about all the women now in primary production, where is their help? Reply With Quote