Friday Crop Report on a Thursday!

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Friday Crop Report on a Thursday!

SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 06:05 1 Well well well looks like we got close to a wreck last night but dodged a bullet. It got down to 5 Celcius at 5:18 AM and now starting to climb back up. Clear sky.

Boys some of you new farmers who weren't around in 2002 it froze that year about 5 days earlier and farmers had to deal with the reality of piss all for crops and what was there were feed wheat light shit, white canola light shit and ugly barley and shitty peas. Basically, it was a shit show. Crap insurance measured all your grain and made up a grade factor that they paid later. It was one of the worst years of my farming history. Oh but then the shit show continued in 2003 it didn't rain much, sort of like this year. Oh wait then it got worse it froze again in 2004 and this time harder and a week later. Total shit show. It was a huge area that got hit even down into the USA. Frost is the end of a year with nothing you can do but watch as you hit the train head-on. Dark days in Ag and Ag stab paid and then I paid it back.

Ag more than ever. This year we have a Federal Gov. and Advisory groups who don't get farming and have done nothing on the Shit show file with China, Italy, India or just about all our trading partners. Most farms have lost up to $2.00 a bushel on Canola since its high. We would have made out like bandits with the shit show the USA and China are into with our Canola but no we have to get it in the nuts thanks to Trudeau and his band of fools.


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Here is the Crop report because its Thursday and the feel-good provincial report will be out that all is good and harvest is underway. Reality why is harvest underway it's because of the crop isn't that good in these places.

I got home on Sunday night from Florida and Monday Sask Day I took a road trip up to the lake. Regina to MooseMountains then north up to Yorkton, then over to Roblin yes it's Manitoba and up to Kamsack then over to Canora and down to the lake. Over to Ituna and home.

It's easy to explain what I saw. One nice and across the road it's like WTF then oh not bad and wow, then really nice whats that guys secrets and no that can't be worse than the others, YEs it can.

Showers, first rain, hail, lighter ground, seeded too deep, too shallow, sprayed late, didn't spray, expensive drill, old hoe drill and its good, or just about anything this year made you a winner or a loser a mile apart.

No rain in the last two weeks is advancing the crop. And causing yield loss.

HRS is in the hard/soft dough stage and if it would have frozen last night we would have had Canada feed. Heavy probably but still they would have graded hard. Watch they will find frozen kernels in this year's sample because they heard it got close in August. Ours isn't as thick as last year but will give it a good run for its money. Leaf disease is helping it move along and last weeks extreme temps and low moisture or no rain in two weeks have moved this crop along fairly fast. Sandridge is changing. Will spray it out next week I'm thinking and then any grain bags we do will be put there. Still, an 8 dressed up as a 9. No one is swathing or desiccating yet in our area. South of the valley will begin next week.

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Taken Monday.

Barley is filling nice and has good size heads. Rain could still plump up the kernel as it won't be swath for 10 days. Its a nice crop don't know if it can hit last years but it's nice. 9. Some guys south of valley will be going next week in barley. lots will. But rain might upset the malt cart. Could be up to 2 in places this weekend.

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Peas have some aphid problems but it is only on the last pods that came after the rain two weeks ago. Little guys on top that won't produce anything before the bottom pop. So were not spraying let them eat its one pod or two. Mostly one. Ours are better than last year but not as good as years ago. The Smaller seed will be the order of the day because of the hot temps last week. It did do damage. Rain if heavy might push peas flat time will tell next week. So for us its an 8 on peas better than last years shit show but not our best. Dirty fields are showing up I have cleavers in one corner about 40 acres that is bad. Rest is clean, others have wild oats end to end now.

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SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 06:32 2 Flax has still blue spots and some fields are what is in that field. It seems it wasn't a flax year.

Lentils are changing and changing fast across the valley. After this weekend look for action on that file.

Oats is all over the map from nice to very nice to WTF. Some later could use a drink real bad, real bad.

Canola the cinderella crop on its way to the ball is one that is like the road trip. Awsome/WTF/ok/Wow/Nothat cant be canola. We pay the highest costs for this crop of any grown in western Canada and it gives most farmers the biggest stress. Seed quality, vigour and were we breeding for floods instead of drought the last 18 years. Or is it just a small seed that really isn't that powerful with all the tec thrown at it. Way too costly and guys will be dropping again do to costs in 2020 when canary seed will give you more money on average for fewer costs. The cinderella was screwed up by seed companies for there gain and our pain. Ours and most in the area are filling in finally and trying to flower in last weeks heat. Any day above 28 I believe the flower aborts. Nights were warm and that did push the crop along but were still two weeks behind. Later could be good yield if the rain comes and frost doesn't. I' will call ours a 7 now after the heat last week took yield. On average in my drive farms are all over the map with Canola. Best is a section north of Roblin. Flat thick, tall and full pod from end to end. Half a mile away from this section its like WTF happened. It's a variable crop. Oh, and lots are in the BIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHThat is the biggest Scam in the history of farming in Canada and they continue to preach this Bullshit. Oh, and if you did save your Canola to sell at a later date and are using the Cash advance and have a shit show crop they get paid first then your banker tells you to sell the canola in the bin to pay your bills at $9 or less. Ah, farming. Lots of crop tours happening we had BASF yesterday I stayed home. Still fighting the fight. Lots of yellow second or third growth south of the valley flowers turned orange from weeks heat.

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Canary is nice on some and ugly on others.

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Pastures are holding up but could have used a good rain again. First cut hay was not good, Second, maybe won't happen, the feed could be premium this fall and winter. Green feed needs rain before a cut.

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Green feed seeded July 1

So as far as the crop report goes guys are getting ready for harvest, they are watching the weather for rain or thermometer for frost. Yea if that happens all bets are off.

Be safe and lets hope we get a few more weeks for this crop like a month.

Safe harvest for those about to roll. Watch for power lines I have one that has to be moved to close to new bins.

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  • SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 06:34 3 Last photo is from this week i was doing custom work SMF for a neighbour. Yes working the soil. I farmed this land some 25 years ago. Reply With Quote
    Aug 8, 2019 | 07:01 4 Year ago tomorrow our harvest began, thankfully not this year. Very thankful there will be a crop to take off considering the way the year started. Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 8, 2019 | 08:05 5

    45CS40 seeded with Horsch planter at 2.1 lbs .
    Finished off nice and even .
    Hopefully we get this crop to the bin Reply With Quote
    Aug 8, 2019 | 08:37 6 Wheat. Grass green.
    Oats. Greener than wheat.
    Barley. Some just starting to turn.
    Canola. Full bloom to coming out of bloom.
    Flax full bloom.
    Peas. See wheat.

    From what I can tell, you guys are in fine form!

    You keep talking of the heat last week. We had no heat. Just daily showers.

    Gotta be a happy medium, no?

    Funny place to farm. Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 08:41 7 Local soy.

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    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 11:41 8 Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 21:40 9 Lots of white looking barley all the way up to the lake today. Reply With Quote
    Partners's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 22:23 10

    BLY is going to yield well this yr. Reply With Quote
    farmaholic's Avatar Aug 8, 2019 | 23:09 11 Peas desiccated and getting close to put in the bin....even at 20% moisture into aeration.

    Wheat changing color big time. Have 280 acres on flax stubble. Lots of volunteer flax came after the first good rain after I was already done in crop herbicides. Thought "oh boy"! Some volunteer flax on the higher drier ground dried to nearly a crisp, some on midslopes struggling, low spots it hung on the best.....obviously not an "abundance" of moisture. I doubt our wheat will have last year's bushel weight. Saw afew fusarium infected heads in low spots but nothing alarming.

    Canola is decent for the start to the growing season we had....Clearfield Nexera....not expecting miracles.

    Flax was pretty decent but now weeds are starting to poke up above the crop. It seemed to flower a long time...never seeded it last this year, but now way will it beat the flax crop we had in 2016.

    Yellow Mustard kinda looks ugly again. At peak flowering it looked good. It was well fed so hopefully it will surprise us.

    Talked to someone today that was afraid to look at their soy beans, figures they need a rain badly, but he said they were podded up well.

    Looked at some chickpeas today, many times can you spray them for disease? If your into them for 2 apps already....what's a third one? Some bottom pods are tan brown and shrivelling with nothing in them. Yikes this year here.

    Neighbor's lentils look decent and changing color without alot of " brown" patches in them.

    The Ghetto crops won't be no screaming hell but we at least have a crop.
    Speaking only of my own, Reply With Quote
    Aug 9, 2019 | 04:31 12 Lots of lentils coming off between Regina and moose jaw the last three days Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 9, 2019 | 06:15 13 I love sask ag and foods rah rah nothing to see crap report.

    Some early harvest is happening, only a few crops are behind. They could have issues later but why think about that. All is good nothing to see move on.

    The heat and min rain is showing up big time. Lots of white spots on the drive up to foam lake and over to Canora last night. Still lots of canola flowering and one half peas full bloom. One barley still grass green. Others turning white.

    It’s not going to be a bin buster.

    Our bin project is moving along but it was planned two years ago with site pick. Concrete today.

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    Aug 9, 2019 | 06:27 14
    Quote Originally Posted by SASKFARMER View Post
    I love sask ag and foods raw raw nothing to see crap report.
    Are you on a rah food diet by chance? Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 9, 2019 | 06:49 15 Oh your up early this morning. Hahahah Reply With Quote
    Aug 9, 2019 | 06:52 16 *you're* Reply With Quote
    Aug 9, 2019 | 06:59 17 For FUX sakes two make Ralph Goodale look intelligent somedays.... Reply With Quote
    Aug 9, 2019 | 07:42 18 Sask3, in the Western Producer a week ago: Grain World crop tour found above average crops in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. When I look at your crop pictures I sometimes think that thou doth protest too much! Watching the news last night and I see Lac Ste. Ann county, west of Edmonton, has declared an Agricultural emergency due to too much rain. Too wet to hay and their crops are f***ed.

    In my area(east of RedDeer) we are certainly in better shape. We have been silaging for the last 4-5 days. I grew Thompson barley, it is a semi dwarf so it only got 3 feet tall which makes it nice for the swather operator because it doesn't lodge. Very happy with the crop, we have a FX300 case cutter with a 4640 pulling it and we are only cutting 19 feet with our 25 foot swather and the old Johnny is working in first gear lol. The grain is a little moist due to nightly showers.

    We did finish haying before we started on silage. My neighbor asked me one day when we were baling, is your hay dry? My son says yup 2019 dry! So I have to admit that we left the moisture tester behind the seat and just baled.

    Overall crops look good in my area. My Canola and peas both are done blooming and look good. I did not put fungicide on 2 fields of wheat but did the rest. Certainly is leaf disease on these 2 quarters and on the rest there is none. Interested to see if there are yield and protein differences and if it pays. Crops are certainly advancing slowly. Enjoy your day. Reply With Quote
    Aug 9, 2019 | 09:31 19
    Quote Originally Posted by bucket View Post
    For FUX sakes two make Ralph Goodale look intelligent somedays....
    Only one of us votes for him though! Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 9, 2019 | 09:39 20
    Quote Originally Posted by grassfarmer View Post
    Only one of us votes for him though!
    That is funny...point taken...poking the bear...

    "Your" turn Reply With Quote
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  • SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 10, 2019 | 05:59 21 Oh your so funny.

    But I will be door knocking in Wascana to talk to people and vote him out.

    Have a great morning grass.

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    Aug 10, 2019 | 06:30 22 *you're* Reply With Quote
    farmaholic's Avatar Aug 10, 2019 | 06:49 23
    Quote Originally Posted by SASKFARMER View Post
    Oh your so funny.

    But I will be door knocking in Wascana to talk to people and vote him out.

    Have a great morning grass.

    The new definition of crop circles!

    Or is it a flying saucer parking lot? Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 10, 2019 | 07:55 24 Big pizza pans for solar Reply With Quote
    Aug 10, 2019 | 08:10 25
    Quote Originally Posted by SASKFARMER View Post
    Big pizza pans for solar
    Now you can get that big cash advance and wait for canola to come back to $11 cause its right around the corner. Oh and get your seed booked too. Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 10, 2019 | 08:24 26
    Quote Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
    Those crooks ain't getting my canolowa !
    Canola oil isn't banned from China....margins are pretty good on crush and between the lower price and the 150 million ....sHare holders and family members have to be happy...

    Farmers just keep taking it... Reply With Quote
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  • Aug 10, 2019 | 08:29 27 Gee willikers , it sure is cold here this mornin
    Gosh darn, We will be lucky if it doesnt freeze Reply With Quote
    Aug 10, 2019 | 08:36 28 My back doesn’t even hurt anymore when I bend over. 😂😂🤣🤣😆😆 Reply With Quote
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  • fjlip's Avatar Aug 10, 2019 | 09:45 29 Did lentils and peas get rained on last night? Hope not damaged/discounted...More rain forecast this week! Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER's Avatar Aug 10, 2019 | 16:01 30 Cool night coming maybe the rain will keep it good.

    Best canola by far is a section just south of Nipiwan wow tall excellent pod and thick.

    Hands down the winner.

    Across road guy must be wondering wtf he did wrong.

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