Friday Crop Report on a Thursday!

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Friday Crop Report on a Thursday!

Jun 14, 2019 | 15:26 31 Just making some old school black summer fallow. I had bought Canola seed for this old alfalfa field but when I got such a poor weed kill and it being dry changed plans and returned the seed. Reply With Quote

  • Jun 14, 2019 | 18:28 32
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    Just making some old school black summer fallow. I had bought Canola seed for this old alfalfa field but when I got such a poor weed kill and it being dry changed plans and returned the seed.
    is the goal here to watch it blow? Reply With Quote
    Jun 14, 2019 | 19:00 33 I have summerfallow too. Chemfallow though. Not everywhere does bare soil blow. I have never seen soil actually blow in my entire life in this area we have trees. Reply With Quote
    Jun 14, 2019 | 21:32 34
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    is the goal here to watch it blow?
    HaHa Tweety All my years of farming here I have never had my land blow. Heavy wet clay land would take some crazy wind. Did you notice all the dust?
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    Little friend on the back road earlier this week. that's about the size of a size 9 shoe.

    I won't sugar coat this like all the Manitoba and Sask Crop specialists. Its another Dry week and basically Zero precipitation. This is crunch time and I don't give a rats ass if the JD weather station says you have 3 meters of moisture so don't worry be happy spend spend spend.

    I have one Agronomist friend who is having a hard year selling shit and advise and every second day he is either talking about ground moisture and doesn't worry etc.

    Yes if the plants got established they have a potential in our area to root deep down and grow some kind of crop. But the idea that we could grow an 80 wheat and 60 canola and 100 Barley in these conditions isn't flying this year with farmers.

    Rain makes grain and most if not all Saskatchewan farmers need a good slow three-day rain.

    Its almost farm progress show and we might get the rain event we need. Watch the price of all crops drop. Oh, wait, the drought isn't even mentioned in most news or papers or political speeches so I guess lets all just keep talking positively.

    Ok, the Crop Report.

    Seeding is finished even the guy who seeds on July 1st for feed. The organic guy is also done. Plus the crop insurance late seeder up north is working on finishing.

    HRS is not grown much above ground this week but definitely, if you dig up the plant and wash roots it is going down down down. But remember boys and girls the yield is determined in the 3 to 5 leaf stage and were at that point.

    Here is a picture of an HRS wheat plant I missed killing in our canola field this plant and head should be huge well it isn't.

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    Wheat still has a potential for a good crop but the next 10 days will tell the tale. Right now a 7.

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    Barley is growing similar to wheat and also has potential but needs rain. Rating is a 7

    Late oats are patchy but one rain would fill in and maybe catch up.

    Flax, our area has lots of flax and it surprisingly germinated very well in places and is thick, short and no one really wants to spray to kick it when it's down.

    Lentils are short short short. Some are wondering how they will get them they are that short.

    Peas the magical fruit. Well had a quote for $7 off the combine but have to have them harvested in July and delivered. HAHAHAHA I don't even know if there will be a crop.

    Most pea fields are sprayed and again Two chemicals have done some damage. One Big field on way to the valley is extremely yellow and has issues. Cold nights and dry conditions and peas don't make for good chemical work.

    Tried something new will tell you in a week if I had issues if it killed some things and results.

    So far so good. Peas are short short short and need rain.

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    Pastures are in need of rain bad. Guys are digging water sources etc. Some springs dried up. Cows getting out were fence is no longer in standing water it's evaporated and they just walk out.

    Hay will be in short supply and one dairy it seems may just silage the whole crop.

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    Water sources are drying up or dropping too low levels.

    A really smart guy said more than once rain doesn’t make grain, rain makes mud! Reply With Quote