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May 16, 2019 | 05:39 61 So why is Vietnam any better than China?
Different communists ?

Then they are stealing American jobs. Too
That was my point.

And if they are such big markup
Items as you say , why can't the US compete now?

And to make it worse for America on the competitive front.
They are now paying tarrifs on all the parts comming in used to build stuff in the states.

You are indicating it it not about bringing any manufacturing
And I agree.
So who benefits the most here?

The richest , 1/10 of one percent of the world.
That's who.

Hurt China , feed the US richest
With a subsidy. Socialist or communist
Sounds like to me.

As the stuff will still be made somewhere else

And who pays for it all?
You and I and the
American consumer.
That's who

And we all benefit How? Reply With Quote
May 16, 2019 | 05:59 62 Another point
Remember how bad it was keeping
Canadian dairy farmers in business.
With tarrif protection.

Now you changed your mind.?
One differance is those jobs
Were actually still here.

So the stage is set.
The US is isolating its markets .
Coddling its industry's.
That they become lazy and inefficient.
Not making money , just add more tarrifs. Simple.
At the same time
Now those locked out are just getting leaner meaner , more efficient.

Then who is ready to supply the rest of the world with anything.

Sure not the US Reply With Quote
May 16, 2019 | 06:33 63
Quote Originally Posted by farmaholic View Post
Does it matter how many " business" ventures fail that Trump is involved in as long as he has more feathers in his personal nest at the end, ....I guess he was successful.
Depends who counts the feathers. Like when he was berating Forbes list (the first time) for having him listed at only $200 million when he claimed it should have been $500 million - when evidence later indicates he only had about $5 million.
A con man, liar and cheat. Reply With Quote
May 16, 2019 | 06:37 64 Apparently free trade needs to be explained. Free trade occurs when countries sell goods in other countries without any barriers at all and market forces are at play. chinese free trade is when china does what it wants in your market while they retain the right to erect all sorts to barriers to your exports in their market. An obvious example is the 9% tariff on canola seed imports into the chinese market which has been around for a long time. Indian pulse tariffs are another example so the chinese are not the only offenders here. The US under president Trump has objected to this arrangement and fired back in the chinese trade war. If canuckistanians had any brains, we would too. The way object is by returning fire and placing tariffs on the offending countries imports. Reply With Quote
May 16, 2019 | 06:44 65 Trumps actions will cause multiple effects. Some american businesses will say enough and just come home. Some US and chinese businesses will look to move to non tarrifed countries. China exports will fall. China wil have to do currency devaluation or some other shenanigans to keep it all up. The net effect is to dilute their economic power. Reply With Quote
May 16, 2019 | 22:25 66 AjL what about the 35% tarrif on tires from China. Obama put on..
Americans pay 1 billion more annually to save 1200 tire jobs.
900,000 per job.
And I do not think the workers see much of it.
So you want to raise the price
Again . With more tarrifs.
Great for Goodyear. Not so great for you and me.

You guys keep saying it does not
Cost us . Some how just China
I do not believe you.

It is socialism for the rich.
Take the money from working people like you and me and give to the rich.
Every tire you buy

So if it is not right for
Canada to protect its dairy farmers.
Why is it right the US
Protects its tire co.s with a 35 tarrifs
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  • May 16, 2019 | 23:15 67 Bill was never a Con man, liar or a cheat. His wife was way more appealing Reply With Quote
    May 16, 2019 | 23:37 68 While googling. Trying to find Canadian tarrifs on Chinese tires

    Which seems to be 6.5% ( could be wrong)
    Found STORY that in the US 70% of radial tires come from China and Thailand. About 80/20
    And trump's tArrifs . Will CAUSE A MASSIVE shortage .
    And Thailand is at max capacity now
    So if the US only produces 30% and thia 20%.
    That will mean at least a 25 %
    Price increase
    So stock up now Reply With Quote