Anybody Wanna Raise Walnuts?

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Anybody Wanna Raise Walnuts?

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Only $28,796 USD/Ha or $15,650 CAD/acre.

Campo de Nogales of 191 has located in the province of San Juan, 7km from Calingasta and 188km from the city of San Juan.
It has a planted area of ​​121 ha in a planting frame of 7 x 4 and 8 x 4. Density of 300 plants per ha (40,000 plants in total).
The plants are between 15 and 20 years old and have a productive life of at least 20 more years. The walnut varieties are Chandler (85%), Serr and Trompico.
Type of soil: sandy-loam-sandy with good aeration and good drainage, suitable for agriculture in crops under irrigation system
The field has 3 boreholes to supply the irrigation system together with a reservoir of 1 ha that is supplied by the turbine enabled by hydraulics.
Pumping equipment with a water pump and electric motors
Filter and irrigation system Plastro brand
Electric power supplied by Energy of San Juan
Climatic characteristics:
Type of climate: The climate is mainly desert with scarce rainfall, where marked thermal amplitudes stand out, with notable differences in temperature between night and day as well as between summer and winter, with significant solar radiation. It consists of between 270 and 300 clear days.
Temperature: The average annual temperature is 14.6 ° C
Average annual rainfall: 74.4 mm
Wind: Speed ​​5 km / h with winds south and northwest. Zonda
Main house: 120 m2 total: 80m2 covered and 40m2 semi-covered (gallery)
Housing of manager: 80 m2: kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom
Administrative office: 35m2
Shed for machinery and agro-inputs: 450 m2
Warehouse with processing line: plant, processing line, warehouse with new construction: 900 m2 total
Merchandise warehouse: 400 m2
Perimeter wire: excellent condition: from 8 to 10 threads, some sectors with Olympic wire
3 Masey Ferguson tractors
1 John Deere tractor
2 Dotan vibrators (Israeli origin)
1 La Campagnola pneumatic mower (origin Italy)
3 Vito Lombardo sprayers
1 Jacto pulverizer; 7 harvest carts; 3 cars for various jobs
The field is far from the big cities
It has only two access roads
It is a true space of tranquility to continue producing
Production 2015: 100,000 kg of nuts / Production 2016: 195,000 kg of nuts
Production 2017: 320,000 kg of nuts / Production 2018: 380,000 kg of nuts
PROJECTED PRODUCTION 2021: 600,000 kg of walnuts
Sales to local customers for export to ITALY & BRAZIL: with shell, and butterfly and quarters
Direct exports to ITALY & TURKEY
Annual invoicing & tax credit: figures available
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