On TV Soon here must watch

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On TV Soon here must watch

Apr 12, 2019 | 19:20 1 Be sure to tune in to ch 9 on sat . A local cattle farmer is going to attempt to break a very risky , Guinness book of world records stunt. He’s going to attempt to jump 55 vegan , greenie protesters with a caterpillar D9. I wish him well .

Tis humour guys hope i havent offended to many enjoy your weekend.
PS vegans are out of control at moment here in oz Reply With Quote

  • Apr 12, 2019 | 22:40 2 What are they protesting about. Not enough available plant based protein to eat?
    Can you make a strategic alignment, allow a couple acres garden space for a CSA?
    I think you have enough sense to respect an individuals dietary/lifestyle choices without much reaction.
    Has it gone full jackass and they are trying to impose on your right to be a conventional farmer. Can you just tell them to get the fuck off your property and go back to their parents’ basement? Reply With Quote
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  • Apr 12, 2019 | 23:17 3 This is from a freind not me but interesting thoughts.

    Posting something about animal welfare was always a risk, because people on both sides can be very passionate in their response. I say both sides, because ultimately it seems that is what it is - an ideological battleground with little middle ground.

    While I initially resisted, I did sit down last night and watched the 'Dominion' documentary after being challenged by people who commented, and others who messaged us saying we were 'contributing to the problem if we stuck our heads in the sand and refused to watch it'. I initially resisted, because I refuse to allow illegal activities and emotion driven propaganda to guilt me into doing something. But then I made the choice to watch it because I did not feel I had the right to comment unless I'd seen it, and maybe I was the one with my head in the sand after all.

    I don't encourage you to watch it. Not to hide you from it, not because I think any of it is necessarily staged, and not because it makes me uncomfortable about reputed 'truth' and I feel guilty. Honestly, there are horrific images in there which would make even the most heartless person's stomach churn, footage which may stay with you and haunt you. But this is not a balanced documentary looking at animal welfare, it is a film made with a specific agenda and a predetermined outcome. In reading the credits of the contributors, it seems there have been thousands of hours of footage which have been condensed and edited into taking the worst of behaviours (and in some cases environments) and calling them the norm. As someone who has been in shearing sheds, on sheep, beef, dairy and poultry farms the narrative is misleading, alarmist and misrepresents what is actually happening. For example, the narrative states that farmers deliberately drop lambs in autumn in order to utilise free winter grass growth (as a negative), subjecting them to harsh winter conditions with high losses - compared with dropping them in summer when its warm, when losses would be low but they would need to pay for feed (ie: uncaring, greedy farmers). It also states that shearers are paid per animal (true), because they and farmers only care about numbers with no concern for welfare. It twists the description of pen design in piggeries, poultry sheds and dairies to insinuate they are all about economics with no concern for welfare when in most cases the opposite is true. And there is no recognition at any point in the 2 hr documentary of the ongoing positive animal welfare changes within these industries, and farmers working together with animal welfare advocates to make positive change. Just scary music, graphic images and a haunting dialogue. Yes, we can do better. Yes, there are some people and businesses who have let us down badly - some of whom need the full force of the law thrown at them for animal cruelty. But this was purely emotion driven propaganda - and both our animals and farmers deserve better. I'm not telling you not to watch it - that is your choice. But don't feel guilted into doing so.

    It probably made me realise even more so, that there are three distinct camps on animal welfare. The first are those who have no interest, care or concern for animals, but they are an absolute minority. Second are those who believe animals have a role on earth to feed, clothe and protect us. That does not in any way diminish our love and concern for them, our need to provide quality food, housing and welfare for them. But, ultimately some farm animals (chickens, sheep etc) provide for humans out of abundance (eggs, wool, velvet, silk etc), while others with their lives (meat, leather etc). This group believe this is part of the circle of life, with humans at the head of the food chain. The third group believe all animals are 100% equal to humans in all ways and that we have no superiority over them. With that in mind, their lives are as important as ours, as are their thoughts, emotions and feelings. For some this relates mainly to farmed and domestic animals, others to every living creature, including flies and ants.

    The reality is that in most cases those in the second and third groups are not going to change each others views. It is about a value system which is engrained in each of us, which is not necessarily right or wrong. It is who we are, and what we believe. The challenge is how to live together, how to acknowledge and respect each others views, and how to slowly bridge the gap for the benefit of all society without resorting to violence, on all sides.

    We are all part of the answer. I'm just not sure we can agree on the question Reply With Quote
    Apr 13, 2019 | 06:41 4 At least they are good for something!

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  • farmaholic's Avatar Apr 13, 2019 | 07:31 5
    Quote Originally Posted by grassfarmer View Post
    At least they are good for something!

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    Now there's a side of you I've never seen before! Reply With Quote
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  • Apr 13, 2019 | 07:34 6
    Quote Originally Posted by farmaholic View Post
    Now there's a side of you I've never seen before!
    So you know when you have the barbecue fired up and throw the steaks on. That sizzle and the smell, for a meat eater that is the best thing out there.
    So do Vegan's get the same feeling from mowing the lawn? Reply With Quote
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  • Apr 13, 2019 | 09:46 7 They get their “feeling” when they have a group of people around listening to their vegan tales Reply With Quote
    Apr 13, 2019 | 15:00 8 Better hope the government doesn't, flip to Labour in the up coming general election. If it does, you livestock ranchers may really have something to worry about. The leftist vegans will have more power, backed up by government, serious power. Things could get really weird down there real quick. Reply With Quote
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