No explanation yet from China! Really it’s Trudeau!

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No explanation yet from China! Really it’s Trudeau!

SASKFARMER3's Avatar Mar 15, 2019 | 05:54 1 Canada still hasn’t seen the evidence China used to block canola shipments from one of Canada’s largest grain producers, International Trade Minister Jim Carr said Wednesday in an interview.
A Chinese government spokesman has said Beijing’s move this month to suspend canola imports from Richardson International Ltd. came after “hazardous organisms” were detected in the company’s product, reports the Canadian Press.
Carr said Canada is pushing to solve the economically important matter — but it needs China to provide proof to back up the claims.
“We continue to ask Chinese officials for any evidence that this canola has any problems that can be proven with any scientific base or any scientific evidence — and so far we’ve heard nothing,” he said in a phone interview from Saskatoon, where he was talking to business leaders about making the most of opportunities created by Canada’s major trade deals.
“It’s a concern because we are a major exporter of canola to the world and we produce the finest canola in the world. It’s a very important part of our trade mix and we want to get to the bottom of it and we want to get to the bottom of it fast.”

It’s real easy canada was played by the USA. Trump made us the bad guy when he realized our leader Trudeau and company were stupid.

China needs the USA for sales of their junk.

Trump needs to make his farmers happy.

Soy and corn are the sales pieces for junk.

It all started when our fools thought Obama was still leader and made fun of trump he got pissed at canada and screwed us on nafta oil and now China.

Trudeau and every liberal are to blame for the latest shit show.

This should be front page news on every tv every radio every paper.


I got a quote for June and it had a 9.


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Mar 15, 2019 | 06:16 2 The longer Canadians wait for evidence from the chinese the more likely the Chinese will provide the evidence needed.....

Instead of Justine flying back and forth to Florida last week ...he should of spent some time on the phone in Ottawa calling his mentor in China....

Carr, Trudeau, Bibeau.....just dragging their feet...

Jobs jobs jobs with the SNC bullshit .....Its farms, farms, farms then jobs jobs jobs , suppliers suppliers suppliers, pensioners pensioners pensioners with the canola issue....

Please anyone defending the liberals on this ....explain WTF they are doing.

Steel companies have extracted over 100 million in relation to the steel tariffs....

Trump threw 12 billion at farmers for a trade disruption he caused....

Our pricing for our commodities come from a Trump deflated market with no top up like the American farmer received ....

And the pulse tariffs have been in place longer than the steel tariffs...

So What the fuck is going on.....

Evraz ...a russian steel company ...received 40 million for projects they have been in business for over half a century....Ipsco had 600 million in the bank when they were sold out by company president at the time David they are back on the tit....WTF!!!! Reply With Quote
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  • SASKFARMER3's Avatar Mar 15, 2019 | 06:24 3 It’s 1980 all over farmers are getting crushed but this time its all because of Canadian government stupidity.

    Steel dairy news all get money

    Oil and Ag f$&k you work it out.

    Who brings in cash from other countries and gets shit on

    Some liberal explain please Reply With Quote

  • Mar 15, 2019 | 06:25 4 China maybe not much worse than USA when it imposed steel and aluminum tariffs, used national security as reason. Difficult problem for any Canadian government to deal with. Reply With Quote